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[Article] NewsEn Interview with Yeojin (210205)

Loona member Yeojin expressed her thoughts on graduation.

On the morning of February 5, Yeojin participated in her graduation ceremony, held at the School of Performing Arts Seoul in Gung-dong, Guro-gu of Seoul.

Speaking to NewsEn on this day, Yeojin opened by saying "I'm already graduating from high school. Until the ceremony it really didn't feel real and I didn't want to graduate, but now that I have it feels bittersweet."

"On the one hand," she added, "it's disappointing that I can't wear my uniform and go to school anymore, but I'll think of this as a stage of growth for a new beginning, and become an ever-hardworking Yeojin. Now that I've become an adult, I'll work hard to show you even better, more diverse things. Please look forward to that."

She also did not neglect a message for the friends graduating with her. Yeojin said, "Thanks so much for going through school life with me this whole time. I hope we'll achieve all the dreams we want and meet again with smiling faces."

With the graduation of Yeojin, the group's youngest, every member of Loona is now an adult. On this, Yeojin said "I'm so glad because I think what we can show you as a group has become more diverse now. I hope lots of people will expect lots out of Loona. We'll show you great sides of ourselves so please look fondly upon Loona in 2021 too."

What might be something that she wants to newly attempt as an adult. "I want to earn my driver's license and do all kinds of other things too, but what I want most is to go to dog shelters with my parents and volunteer," Yeojin explained.

Lastly, regarding Loona's promotion plans, Yeojin hinted: "Thanks to Orbits, a lot of good things have happened in 2021 already. After the [#] and [12:00] albums you showed love to last year, we'll be sure to attempt a new and different concept and show you growth. Thank you."

Loona, which Yeojin is a member of, first promoted its name through an approach where one member released a single each month, starting with Heejin's first single in October 2016 through Olivia Hye in March 2018. Not stopping there, the group has consistently been releasing albums and singles starting with the first full-group EP [+ +] in August 2018, constructing a lore and musical color unique to Loona.

Last October, the group released its third mini album [12:00] to enthusiastic reception from music fans domestic and abroad. The album debuted on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, the main album chart of Billboard, at #112, proving a heightened global popularity. In particular, side track "Star (Voice English Ver.)" achieved breakthroughs such as two consecutive weeks on the U.S. radio chart Mediabase Top 40 and a debut on the U.S. Billboard Pop Airplay Chart's top 40.



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