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[Article] TV Daily: Song Recommendations from LOONA (210921)

Healing Song Recommendations: What to Listen to on Chuseok?

Heejin: Youra - 미미 (Mimi)

"I got a lot of comfort recently while listening to this song, and I hope that people who are worn out from COVID might listen to this song with me over Chuseok and also find comfort."

Hyunjin: Loona/Hyunjin - 다녀가요 (Around You) [T/N: Original title "Come and Go"]

"I recommend this song because I wish COVID would hurry up and go."

Haseul: Lee Jang-hee - 나 그대에게 모두 드리리 (I Shall Give All To Thee)

"It's got an atmosphere that's breezy yet warm, so it's a nice song to listen to while taking an autumn walk."

Yeojin: Cocomong & Loona - 얌얌 (Yum-Yum)

"If only for the holiday weekend, I hope you will care for nothing and eat all the delicious food you want!"

Vivi: Loona - Hula Hoop

"You gain a great mood from listening!"

Kim Lip: BTS - Euphoria

"Though you may be tired, it's the holiday after all, I hope you'll spend a great weekend with family in a good mood as you listen to this refreshing song."

Jinsoul: J.Una - Butterfly

"I wish these difficult times would fly far away like a butterfly!"

Choerry: IU - 가을 아침 (Autumn Morning)

"IU sunbaenim has too many great songs, but I recommend this one because it goes well with the weather right now and provides comfort!"

Yves: Arkadi & Jake Miller - Nikes (Arkadi Remix)

"The lyrics are sad, but if you don't understand the lyrics it's got an exciting beat so how about adding this to your holiday playlist♥"

Chuu: Loona/Chuu - 좋아서 좋아해 (Loving U)

"I'm embarrassed because I sang this song, but I recommend it because I listen to it all the time! It makes me feel good when I'm listening to a hip playlist and I get a sweet song like ding-dong. I want to share this nice feeling with you all."

Go Won: Weeekly - Weekend

"When I listen to this song I feel like I'm traveling, and it gives me comfort like I'm in nature."

Olivia Hye: Ssak3 - 그 여름을 틀어줘 (Play That Summer)

"Let's spend time reminiscing on that summer, before COVID."



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