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[ENG] LOONA 2022 New Year Handwritten Messages (220101)


Happy New Year my Orbits ♡

Let’s be healthy in 2022 too..!!

And let’s love each other more ♡ 3 ♡

Love you, take my new year’s fortune too!!

(Leave me a little though… ❤)

Orbits~ The new year is here~

Hope it’ll always be full of happy things ♡

My Orbits are the best~~ ♡

Orbit! Hi~ It’s Haseul :) ♡

The 2022 new year is here already!!

My beloved Orbits, members, family

Wishing you a healthy and happy year this year too!! ♡

Love you today as always :) ♡

Orbit, you worked so hard this year too!

I’m sure there were many difficult things as well as good things, but let us start anew for a new beginning!

My heart flutters every day because I’m always with Orbits and I feel blessed!

I’m so happy looking forward to building new memories with Orbits this year too!

Happy New Year Orbits! Love you ♡🐻

Orbit! Another new year is here!

I want to try many things together with Orbit in 2022~

We’ll see you soon, so until then,

stay healthy and dress warmly and eat tasty things ♡

Be even happier in 2022 and let’s meet more often~

Happy New Year!! Hwaiting in the new year!!

2022 is here already Orbits

Time goes by so quick when together with Orbits

Let’s make pretty memories this year too I love you,

And this year let’s be sure to see each other lots

I miss you

2022! Another new year is here ❤

Let’s blow away all disappointments!

And let’s fill it out with even happier times ✊

Orbit! You’ll join along right? :)

Orbit♡ It’s Choerry~🍒

2021 has gone already and 2022 is here!!

I’m so excited hehe

What will 2022 together with Orbits be like?

Is what I’m thinking of a lot!

Orbits you worked so hard in 2021!

And I was so happy!

Let’s make happy memories, good memories together next year too♡

Have a Ha~ppy New Year (bows)

Orbit❤ Hello it’s Yves :)

Already 2021 has passed and 2022 has dawned!

If it’s been a tough year, I hope the new year will be an even happier one to make up for it!

And to make that happen, as I’ve always been, I will keep~ being by Orbits’ side :)

I love you ♡

Orbit♡ it’s Chuu!!

How did you wrap your 2021 up?

For me, the time we had together feels like a very short time…

Just like how Orbits keep telling us that you’re always on LOONA’s side, we’ll always be standing by your side or behind you, Orbits♡

I hope that we’ll have more good opportunities in ‘22, and I’ll pray and pray again that we’ll be able to see each other more..

Thank you so much for caring for and loving us..♡

Don’t get sick in ‘22 and I’ll show you my best in 2022!

Love you!

Orbit~ the year of 2022 has come!

This is a fresh start, so let’s run towards our goals together!

Happy New Year everyone~~♡

Happy New Year, Orbit!

I hope this will be the year

When everyone can achieve many things :)



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