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[Fancafe] Announcement regarding Loossemble’s return to schedules (240508)

Hello. This is CTD E&M.

We would like to inform you about Loossemble’s return to schedules.

As announced in the last notice, due to Loossemble members Hyunjin and Hyeju’s poor health condition, all members took some time to regroup.

After careful discussions, Hyeju decided to rest more and focus on recovering her health. Hyunjin’s health condition has seen some recovery and she will participate in the fansign events scheduled from this week onwards.

Therefore, we would like to inform you that 4 members, excluding Hyeju, will participate in the fansign events scheduled this week.

We wanted to inform you of their return as soon as possible, but the announcement was delayed because the artists’ recovery was the priority in our conversations. We deeply apologise for this.

This decision was made also because we believe that the artist’s health and recovery is the top priority, so we ask for your generous understanding.

We would like to thank all the fans who always love and support Loossemble. We will do our best to manage the health conditions of the members participating in the scheduled events.

Thank you.


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Thanks for translating!

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