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[Fancafe] Choerry (190604)

Birthday Letter

Hello! Orbits! It's Choerry! It's already my second birthday with Orbits! Clap clap clap 👏 On my first birthday with Orbits, I received congratulations during the Premiere Greeting, which was very touching! There was a REAL! reason why I didn't cry at that time, but I'll tell you that behind-the-scenes story later haha >u< Time really flies!! It feels like just yesterday when I first met Orbits, but now it's already my 19th birthday... Honestly it doesn't even feel real! To think that next year I'll be an adult!! Dun dun dun... Thank you so, so much for being such a sturdy foundation for us all the time TT.. I feel this every time I perform, but I get excited just from hearing Orbit's voices cheering, and find new strength that surges out like lava to make performances exciting and fun!! We've done a ton of festival performances recently, but I never once felt tired or exhausted! That's alllll thanks of Orbits ❤️3< .. Also, coming to see us wherever we go must be reeeeally tiring, so thank you for seeing us wherever we are (bow) Even while writing this letter, I want to see Orbits so much..❤️..

Ah! Also, when I read letters from Orbits one by one, I feel like I'm being healed. You write such pretty words, how could anyone not! love! you! >_<❤️I felt it at the fansign event too, but all Orbits are magicians with words! (But I'm #1).. 👉👈..

Orbits, I always love you, and thank you! Moving forward, I'll make each and every day happy and joyful! Let's go Choerry! Let's go Orbits! Choerry I love you ❤️Orbits I love you ❤️Choerry forever ⭐️Orbits forever ⭐️



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