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[Fancafe] Choerry (190827)

Hello~ Orbits it's Choerry I suddenly found time to use the computer so that's why I'm greeting you like this haha

Mmm... It has been a long time since I've typed anything so I'm making a lot of typos... Orbits, our fancafe membership is over 30000 now~~🌸

Woooooooo(orbit)oooooooow (Jjoery) First, congratulations to Orbits and members! 😀 Trying to write a letter so suddenly is fascinating and fun, Orbits you're surprised, right?? ha it's a surprise

Today I wrote a message like this but later I think other members will individually leave messages too, crazy~right~? kyaaa

Anyhow!! Orbits are you having a healthy and good day today?? We're practicing hard, getting ready to look cool for Orbits

Now, starting Choerry's TMI: today Choerry wore glasses, also Olivia Hye wore red shorts for practice, she might not seem like it but she likes colors that pop 👉👈 these days the weather has become very cool but if you get careless now that it's cool, you know you'll get sick, right!!?? Wear warm clothing when you go out and about

You've gotta eat lot~s of tasty food to become healthy like Choerry!! Until the day we meet again, Orbits, wait just a little~~ bit... Ha that's it for me, I'll be heading back to practice Orbits! Babye~!>< ❤️❤️



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