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[Fancafe] Chuu (191228)

Orbit ❤️ It's already been 2 years since I've been receiving love from Orbits!!!

I'm proud hehe Because of the memories with Orbits and members, and also the thought of meeting Orbits again after only waiting a little bit, I'm so excited as if I can jump around really high >o< It feels like time has flown by so quickly and sometimes I want to hold it down so it can't flee away, but even through the quick times my moments are shining and beautifully passing by because of Orbits who guard my side unchangingly, I'm thankful!

As much as you love me, I hope that our Orbits also take time to love themselves no matter what they look like! And also be loved by me~ ❤️_ ❤️ I love you!!!

After this year passes, I will also cherish and love myself in slightly new ways, and also not lose happiness to show and share with Orbits. I will grow to be a bit stronger Jiwoo as time passes by, achieving one goal at a time :) I shouted 'I miss you' 300 times in my heart to Orbits who have celebrated and loved me today on my 2nd anniversary! Thank you!

- From Jiwoo, who loves Orbits very whole-heartedly 💋



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