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[Fancafe] Haseul (210818)

Hello it's LOONA's Haseul!

It's already my fifth birthday since I've debuted! I've spent a very long time with Orbits but every time I think about it I still feel emotional and miss you. It's a pity that we couldn't see each other face-to-face very much this year. ㅠㅠ

But for the first time in a very long time I got to show Orbits performances onstage and sang for you, so I was very happy as well. The letters that Orbits send often talk about how proud they are of me, and thanking me so much for returning, and when I see that I often choke up and think, "I want to go and hug all of our Orbits right this instant!" hehe I also think a lot about how I can repay all this immense love.

So while trying to express that love as much as I could, I think I got kinda really excited on the most recent VLIVE... hahahahahahhh I was so happy, Orbits were too, right??? Then that's a relief.

And returning after a long time, getting the music show win I wanted so much with the members, and singing the encore!! From the moment our name was called and when we got the trophy, I only thought about how this was the love that Orbits gave us. I'll also give you alllllllll that love someday, even if you're full you have to eat it all 💚

Orbit! I always say this, Orbits are my motivation! Without Orbits I'd be so sad and wouldn't be able to muster up strength so always!! be by my side! Since Haseulie's stuck to Orbits like chewed gum ><

Orbits I love you so so much let's meet soon I love you 💚



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