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[Fancafe] Heejin (181019)

Hi Orbits~ It's Heejin :-) 🐰

Do you know what day it is? You're right! It's October 19th! Heejin's 19th birthday♥

Time has flown by... Flown by... I'm... Nineteen now...

This only happens once a year, so I'll eat lots of tasty things, like seaweed soup! And meat!

And I'll have a great time with the members! I'll be sure to make the time meaningful~! It's my birthday, so Orbits should eat lots of tasty food too (?)

I'll spend my next birthday with Orbits! ㅠ

Honestly before, I didn't think much about birthdays, but I think Orbits gave birthdays a special meaning. Receiving congratulations from Orbits for my last birthday as a teenager makes me so happy♥

Thank you for making our days precious, Orbits :)

This is a birthday I won't forget. I love you ♥



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