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[Fancafe] Hyunjin (171117)

Hello! This is LOONA’s second member Hyunjin! I wanted to spend this November 15th, my birthday, with everyone but ㅠㅠ Because of the recording for MIX NINE I can’t spend it with you guys, it’s so unfortunate and sad..ㅜㅜ

However this isn’t my last birthday!!!! So later on I want to have my birthday with the fans by any means >< I love you hehe

Thanks so much for wishing me a happy birthday Since it’s November the weather lately has gotten very chilly so be careful you don’t catch a cold!!

Your health always comes first, you know that right?!?! hehe

Now 2017 is almost over and I hope you’ll have a happy time with good memories!! Please be with me for my 2018 birthday too ><!!! Thank you!! ♥

Original translation by @loonagirls



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