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[Fancafe] Hyunjin (181117)

Hello~☆ Do you know what day it is??!!

It’s… Exactly 2 years after Hyunjin’s debut!!!!

Two years already.. It feels somewhat strange>_<..

When I first released my album with “Around You”, it was really miraculous and felt unreal, but it’s so nice now that I can do things like write a 2-year anniversary message to Orbits as Kim Pro (?) now ♡

I’m really thankful for everyone congratulating me for my 2-year debut anniversary, and I love you♡.♡

You’ll be with me for the 3rd, 5th, and 7th anniversaries too, right??!!

Of course, I will be with Orbits forever too~ Let’s promise, together!!!☆♡ Hehe

Oh !! Also, I want to be a bigger strength for Orbits who feel tired or exhausted! So I’ll work harder to become a better artist, to spend lots of time interacting with fans!!

Until then, let’s keep working hard together, fighting~♡

Thank you for congratulating me on my 2-year debut anniversary today, I’m always thankful for having you by my side!!

Orbits are the best!!! I LOVE YOU♡ Poof!♡



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