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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (180626)

Hello! I’m LOONA’s Jinsoul 💘

I came here for my birthday the previous time and I’m back this soon!

Hehe it’s because! What could today be!

Today is exactly the 1st year with Jinsoul! Clap clap clap 👏

June is a happy month 💙❤️💜 Is that right? Hehe

I think it’s very emotional because it’s my first anniversary 😭

I think about the hard work we went through to become a LOONA member, the preparation of my solo album which was lacking, and the tiring yet joyful unit promotions where we had to match each other! Also it was new to us when we prepared as a complete group for the first time for the fanmeeting and it was a happy time 😌

There’s still a lot of places that I’m lacking in, but still! I think I learned a lot of things within the 1 year! I’ll learn a lot more in the future, right?

Me Jinsoul. Please anticipate me as I grow and develop. 😎

More than anything else! I gained the biggest strength thanks to the fans! I think that way😌

I’m so happy because you guys appreciate what we’ve done and love us just as much 💙

I think my fans are the prettiest and most good-looking 😇

As much as the fans become my strength I will work harder to become a strength to you as well 💕

Please tell me how to be your strength keke but first of all everyone fighting💪

Now there’s not much left until the debut of LOONA’s complete group for real!

For me! For our members too! We’re all waiting for the 19th! Everyone knows right? Everyone is going to look forward to it, right?

It’s our official debut! Finally! Waah! 😭

The fans who are waiting! Thank you! I love you! 💘

Let’s see each other often 💖

So now I really have to say my last greeting!

Thank you so much for congratulating and loving Jinsoul and I love you too! 😍

I’ll become a proud superstar Jinsoul… I’ll work hard… I love you.. 🐟

Original translation by @adoreloona



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