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[Fancafe] Jinsoul (220626)

In these happy days lately, Orbits have been doing well right?

I imagine you must be going through the beginning of summer along with us heheh

Today is my fifth solo debut anniversary!🤭

I guess because I didn't really do solo promotions after debuting, I often forget about it. But every time I celebrate like this, I think back and realize that I've grown a lot since then!🥴

My Orbits might be thinking the same! Right? Never mind if not~!🙄

Anyway! Comparing back to solo debut, I am actually proud of how I am now. Even though I've always only thought that I was lacking! But it is true that I'm still lacking in many ways, so I'm going to put a lot of work in to grow more! So my growth diary,,, You'll join me for this, right,,? My Orbit💙

I think I am able to achieve all things thanks to Orbits

So I hope we'll continue to be strength for each other!

And please keep watching our remaining promotions!

We're going to work hard flipping these stages over

Keukeu be careful of the heat and the rainy season too, and eat your meals!🤍 I prepared a gift for you later so,, Look forward to that a little too,,

Orbit-doongs, luuuv you!🤍



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