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[Fancafe] Kim lip (180523)

Hello, it’s LOONA’s already one year~ Kim Lip 😣

It’s really unbelievable

A while ago, I had my individual fansign

I saw new fans that day,

Also the thankful fans who watched me grow this one year, I gained strength because many of you cheered for me 😭

In fact, time is fast if it’s fast, slow if it’s slow

But it was such a fast year for me because of all of you guys

How was it for everyone?

Thank you so much for being by my side for one year ❤️

I don’t know if I can deliver my sincerity in this post…

I want to see you face-to-face,

Show you my teary eyes

And deliver my sincerity… 😢

My mind could reach you guys right..?? ㅠㅠ

Thank you so much for cheering me with great words, trusting me and making me laugh through this one year. Every time the only thing I do is thanking you… I’m so sorry for not being able to do anything for you guys ㅠㅠ

Everyone who congratulated me!!

I’m so thankful, let’s see each other more in the future~

Lots of people catch cold these days, promise me you won’t get sick 😉 ❤️

I love you:-)

Original translation by @hyejootteokpoki



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