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[Fancafe] Kim Lip (190210)

Hello it's the birthday girl Lip 👄 hahahaha

I can't believe I'm already 21. It doesn't feel like it has been very long since I was going to high school with Jiwoo (Chuu),, and as meaningful as this time has been for me, I think it was a good time for Orbits too!

While onstage performing out first debut song Hi High, you made us enjoy our time onstage, and offstage, you'd meet us like friends and made small-talk about everyday life - I think all those things gave us energy.

Because of the Orbits who were with us for those 8 weeks, I got a lot of love, and became a happy Lip lololol ♡♡

After promos, there hasn't been much time to communicate with Orbits, so I really wanted to see you and stuff,,

Also we'll meet soon, so wait just a little bit! Even if it takes a while, that's because we want to show you something great, so please understand ♡

I'll work hard until everyone acknowledges me as becoming a cooler Kim Lip, so I hope you acknowledge that 2019/02/10's Kim Lip is cooler than 2018/02/10's Kim Lip :))) heheh

Ah! And I'm so thankful for the birthday gifts from Orbits, they're all beautiful and I love them all♡ I really wanted to say this. Same with last year, also this year..!!

Birthday gifts aside, thanks for loving me, who's always lacking, heheh..

I'll be busy preparing for the concert for my birthday this year, but I think I'll be happy thinking about Orbits waiting for us, with the members!

See you at this week's concert!

Also it's Sunday, have a good time! And let's meet soon 😗😗❤



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