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[Fancafe] 1/3 (200313)


Hi! Orbits, it's Heejin. Us 1/3 of Loona have reached our third anniversary. I think there must be many Orbits who weren't with us when Loona 1/3 promoted. So I imagine Orbits might regret that more than anyone else, but still, I thought to myself that we've learned a lot about each other through those 3 years, that these are still memories of a time spent meaningfully. So I hope you won't feel too much regret! Because Loona 1/3 will remain in Loona forever Thank you so much, Orbits! These 3 years have only gone by thanks to Orbits. Don't be sick, and let's keep being happy together❤️


Hi Orbits--- it's Maine Coon Hyunjin~!! Apparently today is Loona 1/3's third anniversary.. ㅜㅜ Truly tears are clouding my vision.. Orbits too, I'm sure! I think Loona 1/3 really has a lot of memories. We're the oldest unit, so we've grown a lot in love and it's very special Let me get serious for a second haha~ To me, Loona 1/3 is a dream, a family, and happiness Because Loona 1/3 was what allowed me to achieve my dream that I pursued while looking towards an uncertain debut ever since I was 14, and I still remember and feel vividly our first music show performance I'm truly always grateful to and loving Orbits I could only get to where I am because you always encourage me whenever I'm tired and give me motivation Thank you so much, and lastly, our Loona 1/3 members, Heejin, Haseul unnie, Vivi unnie Always thank you and I'm sorry and I love you. You know I really like you right~? Orbits too, please cheer for Loona 1/3!! Loona 1/3 isn't over yet!!!!! Oh yes~ oh yes~!! Loona 1/3 FOREVER~~~~


I'm ViVi of Loona 1/3 It's our third anniversary Because I started out with Loona 1/3 I think I have even more special feelings and emotions for it I was able to overcome difficult things because the members were there, and they helped me get used to living in Korea faster too Living collectively with the members I learned a lot of things Loona 1/3 didn't promote very much, but thank you so much for always being with us In that time there have been good things and not so good things, just a lot of things happening but thinking back to it now, I think they were all helpful things. It wasn't easy, but I don't regret it either. I think I am fortunate to be here My life gained more experience, and richly filled up with many memories Orbits, let's meet even more going forward and be together for many things Our members and Orbits, you must always be healthy and happy, I love you ❤️


Hello this is Loona's Haseul Loona 1/3 is already celebrating our third anniversary! hehe

In the beginning we were trembling even while doing greetings on stage, but after 3 years, I'm so amazed that we've become good at locating cameras and enjoying the stage heh

Orbits, my life these days is filled with the fun of reading Orbits' letters and watching the members perform hehe

Three years ago, I was too shy to even go to the bathroom so I would ponder before going in ㅋㅋㅋ Thinking back now, it's such a funny story right? ㅋㅋ And my first fan meeting, I was so flustered that I don't even remember what I said ㅋㅋㅋ I just remember that Orbits said I was too hyper and we have to be quiet here ㅋㅋㅋ Thinking about this stuff one by one, there were really so many memories every single day. To me, Orbits are family.

Oh! And I've got a new family member. I have a younger sibling named Latte now, and we're having fun together. If there's a chance later on, I really want to show Orbits too.

I'm missing Orbits more than Orbits are missing me ㅜ

For now I'm apart from Orbits just for a little while, but I'll gain strength while thinking about the days we spent together, and the days we will spend together in the future! Orbits, the motivation of my life! Love you lots and thank you! I'll be sure to repay you with good music.



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