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[Fancafe] Vivi (170620)

Hello~ It’s Loona’s Vivi <3 Today 100 days have passed since I met the fans It’s my 100th days since debut ha ha When I first debuted in Loona 1/3 I was really nervous but because my little sisters and fans were there it was nice I’m happy and thankful for everyone who anticipated and loved by solo album During those 100 days I received many things Because I’m a foreigner I was touched by how man of you fans spoke to me in Chinese My heart was warmed [touched] by the fans’ loveI got a lot of strength from it too how sweet of you~~ The fans are always with me so it feels like a new family I got as a gift~ I love you <3 In the future I will show you a good side of me Also we have already revealed 7 members, just wait a little longer and we will be able to show you a complete Loona Please anticipate in the future and give lots of love <3 Let’s be happy together~ see you soon

Original translation by M @loona-trans



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