[Fancafe] yyxy (190530)

yyxy Celebration


Hi Orbits 😀May is such a joyful month ❤️

Not only is my birthday in it, but this anniversary for yyxy... ❤️

It feels like just yesterday that we began exciting unit activities, but a year's time has passed already. Our Orbits give us such great unchanging love, you are the best ❤️ Unfortunately our repackage isn't out yet...! But you never know when it might come out, so always be on your toes! Keke

We will become a group that's as unique and fun as the distinctive name of yyxy! Please look forward to it!

The leader of yyxy is YVES! Please remember always ^^ Olivia Hye, that brat... ^^

I love you, Orbits!!!


It’s yyxy’s second “y”, Chuu ❤️_❤️ It feels like just yesterday that we lit four candles on an ice cream (cake) sitting between our beds, and made wishes in our room before the team name was revealed. Yet already, a year of time has passed. To yyxy who had a shorter trainee period, Orbits gave undeserving amounts of love to us and allowed us to spend the summer of 2018 as breezy and bright times. 😀 The "Clueless" outfits that we used to wear everyday have also faded into pictures, to be only seen in our memories. After yyxy promotions ended and we debuted as full group, I have looked back to that time. We were clumsy because everything was new for us, but when I read my diary and feel what I felt during that time, I become thankful and overwhelmed again that we were able to debut and stand right here in front of our fans. I am thankful always, in ways that I can not describe through words. I hope that we can continue to spend more time together ❤️ Please continue to anticipate more of yyxy and look after Chuu 😀 Until Chuu has grown even more!

Go Won

Hello, it's Loona's cutie sexy, yyxy's adorable Gowon. yyxy is finally having our first anniversary!!! I still remember love4eva promotions vividly. We trembled before our first performance because we were so nervous, but we were able to get on stage more boldly as we relied on each other...! yyxy was only completed because Orbits rooted for us hehe. So I'm eager to meet Orbits again as yyxy's Gowon ❤️I have no idea when that will be, but my goal is as soon as possible!!! There were some hard times, but they were happy moments because I was together with Orbits, and together with Ha Sooyoung unnie, Kim Jiwoo unnie, and Son Hyejoo ❤️ Going forward!!! Please look forward to a splendid yyxy, and let's keep seeing each other for 10 years, 100 years!

Olivia Hye

Hello Orbit! It's LOONA's best sub-unit yyxy's lovely maknae ❤️Olivia Hye~ We prepared a special gift to celebrate our 1 year anniversary, how is it?? I was so nervous during our first broadcast, but Orbit's shouts and cheers helped me "show myself off" more haha. I think yyxy is the most charming when we are together! Anticipate our new album!! Bye ❤️

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