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[Fancafe] yyxy (210530)

[Yves] Hello it's Yves 🍎 They say it's already yyxy's third anniversary..👏 I'm so, so thankful to our Jiwoo, Gowonie, and Hyeju for all going on that first music show together, yet as the leader I feel kind of sorry since I couldn't do very well for themㅠㅠ But someday our unit will also get repackage activities so I'll try leading the team as a better Yves🤤 I kind of relied a lot on the cute younger ones during the love4eva activities..💗 It was a difficult concept but I'm telling you, I could do it because Orbits cheered a lotㅠ !!! Finally for the 3rd yyxy anniversary, thank you and I love you Orbit💗


Wow ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Orbit!! they say it's already yyxy's 3rd anniversary! 🥺 Time really flies. The time when we put candles on ice cream and put our hands together, praying while wondering what our unit name would be before the unit name was decided come to mind 💕 Thank you for loving us for such a long time and in the future too 🥰 I will be a good kid who will send lots of love 💋 Love you, Orbit

[Go Won] Hi Orbit~ It's Go Won ·ᴗ· Are you all doing well?!?! It's been getting hot recently so I've been having hwachae [Korean punch]. It must really be summer. In the summer, wake up refreshed listening to rendezvous 18.6y, and love4eva while showering! frozen while having hwachae! one way before you sleep! And when you think of me again, dal segno♡ Let's always be together with yyxy. Thank you for congratulating us on our third anniversary Orbit♡

[Olivia Hye]

Hello Orbit it's the yyxy maknaeng. It doesn't feel like it's been long since the new year, but the season when we did unit activities is here. Don't you think it's going to be really hot this summer? Now LOONA is really...! coming back so let's get through the summer together I feel so great saying that we're coming back, I'll get to say yyxy will come back someday too, right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Today, listen to yyxy songs and reminisce about those times, looking back at photos is good too~ watching videos is good too~ See you soon Orbit


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