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[Interview] K! World Interview with Heejin (231114)

INTERVIEW: HeeJin talks about her new album!

By K! World

This year is synonymous with renewal for Heejin. After debuting in the group ARTMS, the former LOONA member has released a new mini-album, which she co-produced. She tells us more in this exclusive interview!

Hello! Could you introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello K! World readers, I’m Heejin from ARTMS! Just so you know, I’m answering these questions while having my makeup done! (Laughs)

How are you approaching this new step in your career?

I drew on all the strength that’s in me! It was time for me to try new things, and to learn to produce my own album. It’s a challenge that allows me to develop my independence. I’m more excited than nervous!

How would you describe your music as a solo artist, and what are your inspirations?

I’m inspired by all the things around me! From the anime that I watch, to late-night snacks. My inspiration, put simply, is my daily life.

What does “K” represent, which is the title of your mini-album?

I chose “K” because K-Pop is now known all around the world. This mini-album reflects my desire to show the genre in its best way/light!

You co-produced this mini-album. Could you talk to us about the creation process?

It was very tiring, but the feeling of accomplishment once the work was done was incredible and doubly satisfying. Now I understand why some people dedicate their lives to producing their albums.

A final message for your French and European fans?

France is one of my favourite countries, and for so many reasons! I’m impatiently waiting for the day when ARTMS can return to Europe. I love you!



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