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[Interview] KoreaIN Interview with Heejin (231116)

[INTERVIEW] HeeJin (ARTMS) talks about living in Brazil and inspiration from Korean culture for her solo debut

by Giovanna Pego

For HeeJin, her new mini album is both a beginning and a continuation: K is her first solo release since 2016, when she started promoting as a member of the K-pop group LOONA. In addition, this year, the idol began a new phase of her career by joining the ARTMS project, which also includes her LOONA members Haseul, Jinsoul, Kim Lip and Choerry.

It may be a time of change for HeeJin, but it's also one of strength and confidence. She led the production process, which gave her the title of co-producer of the album, and decided to show the world the best that a Korean artist can do. After all, she chose the "K" in the title to symbolise Korea's beauty and cultural potential.

In an exclusive interview with KoreaIN, HeeJin spoke more about the launch and her strong connection with Brazil, having lived in São Paulo for a while as a child. Check it out!

KoreaIN: You were directly involved in the production of K: you chose songs, wrote lyrics and defined a concept for the album. How was the experience of leading everything this time? If you could describe this process in one word or expression, what would it be and why?

HeeJin: I'd like to compare it to a hike. Although the hike can be tiring, the feeling of accomplishment when you reach the top is akin to the process of producing the album.

KoreaIN: You were the first LOONA member to be introduced to the public in 2016. What's it like releasing a solo album after promoting as part of a group? How do you feel you've evolved as an artist since then?

HeeJin: First of all, I think I've become stronger in order to be more independent. I also shared my honest opinions with my boss throughout the album production process!

KoreaIN: The MV for the title track "Algorithm" and your album contain many references to Korean culture, which is becoming increasingly popular in Brazil and around the world. What kind of message would you like to convey with K? What do you want to show the world this time?

HeeJin: I hope foreign fans can feel the beauty and charm of Korea when they listen to my album. I hope that if they have the chance to come to Korea, they can experience them in person!

KoreaIN: You lived in São Paulo when you were younger and even mentioned that you loved açaí ice cream! What was it like living in Brazil? Can you share a memorable memory from that time?

HeeJin: Yes! I remember being very surprised when I tried açaí ice cream for the first time, because it wasn't so famous in Korea at that time. I also remember eating chicken hearts and cheese bread. It rains a lot in Korea, but I remember being surprised by the heavy rains in Brazil.

KoreaIN: Finally, could you leave a message for your Brazilian fans? We hope to see you here soon!

HeeJin: Thank you for supporting and loving me from so far away! I hope to come back to Brazil one day and meet you in person to have a great time together! Love you, Brazil~



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