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[lastyvesniin] Blog-ssi Enjoys Hot Lattes in Fall~ (...) (231110)

From, Blog-ssi

Blog-ssi enjoys hot lattes in fall~ Please introduce your favorite latte places~

To. Blog-ssi

Well, I don't drink lattes

Or rather, I can't

A little while ago, I got bold and drank a milk tea

And I almost died.,,,

Cause: stomachache)

Anyway I cannot start the day without coffee so

'Ah-ah' [iced Americano]


[Can I... Cry while I speak?]


That name, somehow so nostalgic

I drink ah-ah often (to survive)

But there are certain ^conditions^ here too..

Must have no acidity..?

One commonality I discovered while trying many ah-ahs is

That oddly sour and bitter taste.

I hate that taste

The characteristic of this blog's owner is that she makes everything sound fancier, sorry)

This is a little uncouth, but anyway there needs to be low acidity

Must be nutty..?

The way this word sounds kind of hurts my heart [T/N: "nutty" and "sue" are the same word]

But I like nutty things

If it has the nutty profile from nuts and the sweetness of chocolate

It can pass perfectly as a coffee I like

Must have no side effects after drinking..?

Honestly this is my fault because caffeine doesn't suit me,

But I will brazenly assign blame to the coffee

Things with strong acidity and lots of caffeine

Somehow give me a headache and make me dizzy and nauseous

But if I drink nutty and light coffee like a barley tea

I can have a more vibrant, symptom-less day.

But I might have developed a tolerance for this too because two cups

No longer wake me up.

What should I do.

As I'm writing, I'm realizing why I drink ah-ah

Because I never sleep on time and go to bed late

Like always, tomorrow, I mean today

I shall begin the day with ah-ah

It won't be the easiest day but

Ah-ah... Hwaiting, everyone you all

ja-ah [sleep tight]


Coffee brands ranked, among ones I've tried

Highly subjective)

1 Ediya, I love you

2 Everything else


Comments section:

Ding: Curious: does decaf also not suit you

Yves: That's right...

Pingping: Forcing yourself to stay up when it's time for bed is ultimately bad for you. You should sleep when you're sleepy... You'll get sick if you burn out your body, don't do that...

Yves: It's not by force ㅠ

Kim Harong: Unnie do you like iced tea with espresso shot?

Yves: Graduated from that

vvxzdxrn: Do you have a recommended brand for iced tea with espresso shot...?!! I'm not friendly with ah-ah yet... So I get through the day with unnie's existence and iced tea with espresso...🥹🥹

Yves: For that .. Paikdabang


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10 nov 2023

ah she's so down to earth

Me gusta
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