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[lastyvesniin] CSAT Is So Annoying (231116)

[- To the test-takers -

I have written so many words yesterday and today before erasing them!!!

I felt like it would be pressure to you, so for a long time

I debated what to say, and in the end, I have made the selfish decision

To tell you the words that I want to hear the most >...<

You've worked so hard all this time, and the future that will make you happy

Is sure to come, and as always, hardships (get the heck out) will come to you but you are strong enough to overcome them easily,

and in spite of that, I hope things will be easier for you, that you will smile more.

I am always on your side!!!!! ❤️

CSAT daebak hwa.i.ting 🙂🌷

- From Yves~ -]

I really debated about this for two days. Also I wrote this on my belly and Kim Dohyeon got on my back and went Baggy Jeans and didn't let me focus so it was really hard... This took me seven tries to write...

Didn't want it to be too serious

So I wrote in cute lettering


CSAT daebak talisman photocard (whatever it's a photocard)

Let's go.ᐟ

This is the one I scrapped because I felt like it read like an apology letter as I was writing

I will say no more

Test-takers, hwaiting.ᐟ

Take lots and lots of good energy🍀

CSAT is so annoying~


1 Comment

Nov 22, 2023

indeed tests suck

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