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[lastyvesniin] I'll Make You an Insta ID (230627)

Taking requests

Reason: Bored

Requirements: make public comment, name or nickname, the vibe you wantㅋ

Compensation: use a friend's account to follow Yibu without them knowing

+ I'll visit this post whenever I get bored, I'll come often


Comments section:

[Private user]: [private comment]

Yves: ahquablue

0: Me me!!! I like dinosaurs ❤️ and Ha Sooyoung ❤️ I have 'Young' in my real name. I kinda want it to feel like a movie title but I'll take anything!!

Yves: dinxsaur

valeria: Whoa an Insta ID from unnie.. This is so valuable!!??! I'd be grateful if you could use this nickname.... As for the vibe, I'll accept it as omakase from our Miss Ha for Havana ♡ (from. Baby Crunchapple)

Yves: How about valerino

Yves: Kinda feels like a name brand

Cherr-yourself together: Unnie hello, I like cherry puns. Snatcherry your heart, cherryourself together, pay my card cherry, stuff like this!! So could you give me something chic that includes cherry♡ ♡ (Also I'm always cheering for you~♧♧♧)

Yves: cherringunx

Yves: As in I haven't cherringun [prepared] anything

Jiwonie: I want something🩵 Swagged out

Yves: dyisltd

Yves: I punched my keyboard

yoz: Sooyoung unnie I am Hyebin, the vibe is that I need a lovely ID like unnie's 💕💕❤️‍🔥

Yves: happyin

Yves: Ahh this is funny it's fun you're cute

Es: Whoa Sooyoung unnie you're the best.. I love you =^^= I was born in summer so something related to summer··· Love anything if it's made by unnie ˗ˋˏ♡ˎˊ˗

Yves: summerer / imsummerer

Yves: Like summer person

Acorn: I'm Yoonjung, please make me something that feels like hella [jidae] queen card 😎😎

Yves: ziidaeqwinka

Haemil: It's not my name but I want Tokyo in there!! 🩷In the style of Sooyoung unnie's which is trendy but you don't get sick of it ˚₊·—̳͟͞͞♡

Yves: tokyorii / Toyko + kyori / Tokyo street



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