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[LOONA+] Chat Log with Jinsoul & Hyunjin (Frequency of the Moon 32) (210122)


Hellow it's Jinsoul


Let's talk fast

What should we talk about

Things we haven't gotten to say~!

Sorry for the low energy,,,,


What should I eat

I'm wondering

These days I wake up at 2pm and sleep at 7am

No way it wasn't funny

Dakgangjeong gogo

Thinking if I should build Gundam

Not feeling bread

I'm on team rice


One piercing each side!

I don't cook

Just cup ramen hehe

Roommates are still the same

Everyone take care of your health~!

These days I don't take polaroids ㅠ

My MBTI didn't change ㅠ

VIP, doesn't change from that

Still the same

Habit of taking notes to be consistent,,

I forget so easily these days

I don't keep a diary

Loona Log...I'll try.....🙄

It's on my calendar

and that's it,,

Take good care of me this year too

I have no photos taken I'm always at home,,

That's tasty

Not in the dorm

I don't think so

Because the state of it is,,

Me exercise?!!!?

The worstㅠ-ㅠ


heh that's exercise

Exercise is hard to do

Is everyone lying in bed

I'm always sitting in a corner on the sofa

Best spot on the sofa

These days Gowon

I see her a lot

Wow chicken


Sounds good

Until around 3, Yves there too

Gonna end soon


You said I'm slow???

I'm not though

I said I'm not


I said no

If I speak like I usually do

it would be too informal

that's why it's slow

Gotta be a little polite to Orbits

got to have that

Orbits now I

have to leave

This would be fun to do in the early morning

When I can't sleep


This is funㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Okie dokie

Sleep well everyone

Wish I can see you soon

When other members do Frequency

I'll stop by sometime, not to interrupt them

Eat lots and lots

and happy stay-at-home

Be healthy

My mom already knows my number


Good night💙💙💙💙


It's Hyunjin


I just had a bungeoppang

I was too in and out of it today right??

Please look on it fondly hehe

I like the tail but I start by eating the head

Wanna save the tail

I like red bean filled bungeoppang


My typing is faster

Two iced Americanos today

Ring ㅋㅋㅋ

I had hamburger for dinner earlier~

Manager-nim bought 30 bungeoppangs

so I'm gonna eat for breakfast tomorrow too

Boss hamburger

I like

bulgogi burger

Basic taste

The original is always the tastiest

I got a good ear for listening

so I'm good at listening to music


I don't eat avocado

No shrimp burger either

I don't think there's any member who fits my eating tastes

Love snacks

Fries always win

After this chat

I'm gonna digest for a bit before I go to bed

Squishy jelly

My favorite chips are mmm salty ones

I want to raise an animal


I'm good at touching dogs these days

But not big ones

Fur allergy ㅠ

Charles is doing well~


I like mint choco

I hated it at first but after trying it for a bit I get why people eat it

As the chocolate melts and blends with mint

That taste


My Baskin Robbins pick is that Chex choco

the one with that

When the members eat malatang I sleep

I'm full now

I don't like malatang!

Said I don't like it!

I don't like pho either!!!

I'm not eating it!!!!! Stop trying to make me!!

Orbits!! Love you!!

I had fun today and sleep well!!!!! Got it?!!! Don't dream and just sleep tight!!!!!!!

Love you ppyong❤️



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