Muziekwang Company - Starlight, featuring Chuu (211124)

[Jung Yeon-joo]

I thought on a dark night

That this endless path

Is walked alone

If it can be seen

If it can be believed

I'll open it now

[Lee Gi-kwang)

I thought I was running alone

In a place without anyone else

Hiding streaming tears

Full of loneliness

The stars spill over tonight

Could we together

Gaze across the sky

Could you know me


If you can see me

If you can believe in us

I'll open up our sky

Trusting in you


An even more dazzling day, starlight

When it shone faintly

Now the door opens wide

An even more shining day, starlight

When you swim among the stars

We'll light up tomorrow for you


Shining, starlight

Together, starlight

We are, starlight

Dazzling, starlight


Around me it's all silence

The world's too much of a bloody survival

Within it, we've trapped ourselves in cages

And can't recognize each other anymore, we're rivals

Look at that sky, and look at freedom

Take a look at those shining stars of ours so radiant

Yeah yeah that's right, that's you

I'm gonna keep showing you beauty