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[News] SBS Entertainment News on LOONA's Japan Concert (230316)

[Exclusive] LOONA resumed full-group activities with their Japan concert… How will their future activities proceed?

[SBS Entertainment NewsㅣReporter Kang Kyoung Yoon]

The group LOONA has held their first Japanese concert since debut. Excluding Chuu, who has been expelled from the group, the group stood in front of fans as an 11-member full group for the first time in a while.

On the 3rd of this month LOONA held their independent concert “LOONA 1st Live 'LOONATHEWORLD in TOKYO'” at Tachikawa Stage Garden in Tokyo, Japan, to meet their fans in Japan. This is their first concert in Japan since their 2018 debut, and previously LOONA has released three albums.

Starting the concert with “So What”, which was the song that led to their first music show win, LOONA said, “Everyone, at last, we have come to Tokyo”. In addition, they drew even more attention by including their Japanese original songs such as "Star Seed", "HULA HOOP", and "LUMINOUS".

After concluding the concert, LOONA said through tears, “Thank you to all the Japanese fans who have been waiting for us for so long.” While saying this, the LOONA members greeted the fans, saying “LOONA will continue,” and “it hurt our hearts to have made you wait so long.”

With the successful conclusion of LOONA’s full-group Japanese concert, attention is being drawn towards future activities as well.

It was confirmed that this Japanese concert was carried out under the exclusive contract between the LOONA members and the Japanese agency Universal Japan, irrespective of the lawsuit results received by Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry, who were granted an injunction suspending their exclusive contracts in Korea. The Japanese agency Universal Japan, after discussions, reportedly informed the members of its plan to exercise its exclusive rights to the four members in order to support activities in Japan.

Meanwhile, LOONA’s second Japanese single album “LUMINOUS”, which was released in September last year, ranked second on the Oricon Daily Chart on March 3, 2023, proving LOONA’s popularity in the region.

T/N: The writer of this article is the same reporter that wrote this article.



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