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[News] Sports kyunghyang: "LOONA Chuu’s mother countersued by former agency" (231123)

LOONA Chuu’s mother countersued by former agency for false allegations

By Lee Seon-myeong, Sports kyunghyang

It was belatedly found that the legal dispute between LOONA member Chuu and her previous agency Blockberry Creative had also extended to a legal battle with her mother.

According to Sports Kyunghyang’s reporting, Chuu’s mother “A” sued company executive “B” this past January, claiming that Blockberry Creative, which was in an exclusive contract dispute at the time, had spread false information.

In the complaint, Mrs. A alleged that Blockberry Creative, through a Youtube channel last May, spread false information stating that Chuu hurt the other members by leaving a music video filming set on her own before filming was completed, and that Chuu’s family directly sent text messages to other LOONA members to take issue with their attitudes during activities.

The police decided in October to not move forward with the case. In response, Blockberry Creative countersued Mrs. A for false allegations earlier this month.

According to the filed complaint, Blockberry Creative stated that Chuu’s mother Mrs. A’s complaint was clearly false in claiming that the described events never happened, claiming to have the Kakaotalk content in which Chuu’s mother took issue with the members’ attitudes and the Kakaotalk content regarding what happened on the music video filming set, and asserted that her suing for false allegations was clear grounds for a lawsuit.

Chuu debuted as a member of LOONA in December 2017. Since then, due to payment distribution disputes, she filed a lawsuit against Blockberry Creative, her agency at the time, for an injunction to cease the validity of her exclusive contract in December 2021.

With the two sides firmly holding their respective positions, the case regarding Chuu’s contract was sent to mediation in March, but due to the two sides being unable to reach an agreement, it was determined that the case could not be settled through mediation. Since then, Chuu won her lawsuit confirming the non-existence of her exclusive contract.

Blockberry Creative has since filed an appeal regarding this decision, the hearing for which will be held on the 8th of the coming month.



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