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[News] Star News: Chuu vs Blockberry Contract Lawsuit Referred to Mediation (230314)

[Exclusive] Chuu vs Blockberry Contract Lawsuit Referred to Mediation.. Will the Obstacles to Her Entertainment Activities Disappear?

While the conflict between Chuu, who has been removed from girl group LOONA, and agency Blockberry Creative (Blockberry hereafter) is entering a new phase with Blockberry’s petition [T/N: to block Chuu’s activities], the court decided to refer the case to mediation, in the first trial of the two parties’ primary lawsuit around the exclusive contract.

According to Star News’ investigation, the Seoul Northern District Court’s 12th Civil Cases Division (Da [C]) was scheduled on the 16th to hold its next hearing for arguments in the civil suit filed by Chuu against Blockberry to determine the non-existence of exclusive contract effect, but the date was changed.

The court’s reason for the change of date was the decision to refer [the case] to mediation. Mediation is a procedure for resolving a lawsuit, through mutual understanding between the parties. It is a process of reaching a mutual agreement between the two sides on the mediation date. The mediation date is set for the 27th.

The lawsuit was filed in December 2021, and three hearings have been carried out so far. It remains to be seen whether both parties will reach a conclusion of reconciliation by reaching an agreement through the mediation.

[The following 4 paragraphs add a recap of this entire issue, including Blockberry’s petition to the CEMA DMEC to ban Chuu’s entertainment activities.]

Although the DMEC has not yet reached a conclusion on the issue after [Blockberry’s] petition, if the two sides reach a mutual agreement in the exclusive contract lawsuit, one would not be able to rule out the possibility that the DMEC conflict will naturally be resolved as well.

[The remaining paragraphs continue with the recap on this issue.]

- Reporter Yoon Sang-geun



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