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[News] Star News: "Mediation between Chuu and Blockberry falls through" (230327)

Star News: [Exclusive] Mediation between Chuu and Blockberry falls through.. Prolonging the exclusive contract lawsuit (230327)

The conflict between Chuu, who was removed from the girl group Loona and has since set out solo, and the agency Blockberry Creative (hereafter Blockberry), has failed to reach a mediation outcome despite the court’s urging of a settlement.

According to Star News’ investigation, the Seoul Northern District Court’s 12th Civil Cases Division (Da) held a mediation hearing on the 27th, after having decided to refer the case to mediation in advance of a hearing date in the lawsuit to determine non-existence of the exclusive contract effect that Chuu had filed against Blockberry. However, the outcome is a failed mediation.

Mediation referral is a procedure to resolve a lawsuit through mutual understanding between the parties. [In this process] A mediation date is set to draw out a compromise between the two sides.

This lawsuit was filed in December 2021 and has had three hearings so far, but the conflict has been persistent throughout. As a result, the court pressed for a settlement through the mediation process. However, as the mediation failed, so the legal conflict is to continue through the primary lawsuit once again.

Reporter Yoon Sang-geun

[T/N: Background information about the parties involved is omitted from the translation of this article]

Star News: [Exclusive] 'Failed mediation' Chuu back to exclusive contract main lawsuit.. Resuming in June (230331 Excerpt)

As the two parties failed to reach an agreement in mediation, the dispute between Chuu and Blockberry Creative will continue on June 1 via the main lawsuit.



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