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[News] TV Report: "Chuu, no tampering violations..." (230404)

[Exclusive] Chuu, no tampering violations… CEMA: “No grounds for double contracts”

In a dispute lengthened by a failure to reach an agreement via mediation between Chuu from the group LOONA and her agency Blockberry Creative (hereafter "Blockberry"), the Korea Entertainment Management Association's Disciplinary Mediation Ethics Committee (hereafter "CEMA") has ruled in Chuu’s favor.

According to an industry official on the 4th, CEMA judged that “there is insufficient grounds” for Blockberry’s claim against Chuu regarding having double contracts with BY4M Studio (hereafter “BY4M”).

Further, it emphasized that this was a matter to be determined in the main lawsuit currently in process within the legal system, not by CEMA.

Earlier, last December, Blockberry submitted a petition to CEMA and others seeking a ban on Chuu’s entertainment activities. It cited that Chuu had engaged in an advance contact (tampering) with BY4M, when her exclusive contract with Blockberry had not yet expired.

However, it is reported that CEMA has not recognized that there was advance contact between Chuu and BY4M, as claimed by Blockberry. That is to say, it determined that there was no evidence to confirm this allegation.

Additionally, CEMA is said to have considered the double contracting emphasized once again by Blockberry to be a matter that should be sorted out legally, and taken a circumspect position.

[Recap of previous events have been omitted from translation.]

- Reporter Kim Yeon-ju


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Sniper V
Sniper V
04. Apr. 2023

Chuu always wins!

Gefällt mir
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