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About Team Subbits

Team Subbits in essence is a collection of individuals dedicated to bringing LOONA closer to the world. Our goal is to provide Orbits all around the world access to translated videos featuring our favourite girl group.

The team's origins can be traced back in late 2017 just after LOONA's second subunit LOONA/Odd Eye Circle debuted. Prior to that, most of the group's content were translated by their company Blockberry Creative. Around that time, the girls started to appear in a few variety and web shows, most of which do not provide english translations on their videos. Thus a few members of the current team saw the need for a third party translator. We started out as a mini sub group consisting of 3 individuals, uploading subbed videos on our own personal accounts. All was well at the beginning but as the group continued to grow, so did their appearances on various shows. The mini sub group could not keep up with the amount of content that were coming out. Fortunately there were a number of individuals within the fandom who stepped up and started subbing themselves. This continued for a while until we decided it was time to expand the mini sub group and create a proper fansub team. And so, much like the story of LOONA, we started to collect the scattered members one by one. By the end of 2018, we've added most of the members of the current team. The only thing left to do was to formally establish the group. By early 2019 we did just that by opening our official twitter account and youtube channel.

team members

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