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Are you going to translate _____?

Please be assured that if there are any LOONA content that needs to be translated, we are well aware of it and will get to it eventually.

When are you going to translate _____?

Team Subbits does not operate for profit. That means we don't offer translations as a service. We do what we do out love for the group. We do translations whenever we have the free time from our busy lives. Hence we don't set deadlines on when a specific content should be translated. Some content takes a while to work on compared to others. We humbly ask for your patience as we will eventually work on it.

Can you add other languages to your videos?

First and foremost, Team Subbits is mainly an English translation team. We understand that LOONA reaches a wide audience, many of which do not speak English as their first language. We have received many request to include other languages in our videos and many volunteers willing to help translate them to their native language. And while we appreciate the gesture, we simply are unable to entertain the offer.


It is difficult enough as it is to accurately translate from Korean to English without losing context. Further translating to other languages may end up changing the original meaning of a sentence/phrase. We would like to avoid any mistranslations as much as possible. Ideally, we prefer a direct translation from Korean to (insert language here) instead of going from Korean to English to (insert language here) to minimize the effects of language differences. Team Subbits simply do not have the manpower and resources to proofread and verify the accuracy of translations not in English.

HOWEVER, you are free to use our translations as long as you give proper credit. See below.

Can I use your translations?

You are free to use any of our translations as long as you give the proper credits. With that said, we will not be liable for any misuse or misinformation that would result from your actions. Please use our translations responsibly! 

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