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[Fancafe] 2022 LOONA Concert [LOOΠΔVERSE : FROM] Concert Venue Usage Notice (220124)

Hello. This is the LOONA fanclub manager.

This is a notice regarding the concert venue usage for 2022 LOONA Concert [LOOΠΔVERSE : FROM], related to Covid-19.

This concert complies with the government's Covid-19 prevention guidelines for the safety of artists and everyone visiting the concert venue.

In order to ensure a stable concert time, along with safe viewing of the concert, the concert scheduled for February 11 (Fri) 8pm will be shifted 30 minutes earlier, to 7.30pm. We ask for your understanding on this point.

In addition, we would like to inform you that on on February 11 (Fri), the concert MD sales booth will be open from 2.30pm, and it will be operated strictly in accordance with the Covid-19 prevention guidelines.

Also, on both days, the pre-concert MD booth is only available to those who carry a ticket. If you purchased two tickets per person during the general sale, you must be accompanied by the ticket holder.

*According to the current standards of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Jangchung Arena is classified as a cultural and assembly facility, not an indoor sports facility, so offline concerts can proceed.

*Please note that according to the standards of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, admission to the concert venue is possible only until 9pm, and that exiting the concert venue must be completed before 12am.

*Under the Youth Protection Act, there are no separate restrictions on watching the concert after 10pm for minors. Thank you.



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