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Can K-Pop Artists Guess Their Own Songs In One Second? (Ft. LOONA)

Can K-Pop Artists Guess Their Own Songs In One Second? (Ft. LOONA)

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#이달의소녀 #이엘이_인터뷰 #Jeffbenjamin Come Visit our sites for more info 😍 📸 : Instagram : website : LOONA's Music story on our website: #📺 |e.L.e | #LOONA | Exclusive Online Interview with Jeff Benjamin | #📸 American journalist Jeff Benjamin is leading the globalization of K-POP. 미국의 저널리스트 제프 벤자민은 K-POP의 세계화를 주도하는 주역입니다. e.L.e planned this content to learn more about various and talented K-pop artists in Korea through Jeff Benjamin. 이엘이는 제프 벤자민을 통해 한국의 다양하고 재능있는 K-POP 아티스트들에 대해 좀 더 심층적으로 알고자 하여 본 콘텐츠를 기획했습니다. Jeff Benjamin's leading interviews are joined by several K-pop artists to listen to their stories and reach out to readers around the world through online interviews. 제프 벤자민의 이끄는 인터뷰는 여러 K-POP 아티스트와 함께하며 그들의 이야기에 귀 기울이고, 온라인 인터뷰 방식을 통해 전 세계의 독자들에게 다가갑니다. ❤️ㅣLOONAㅣ💚 |2020.08.19| We are proud to announce and congratulate Loona's 2nd anniversary! congratulation! HeeJin, HyunJin, ViVi, HaSeul, YeoJin, KimLip, Jinsoul, Choerry, Yves, Chuu, GoWon, OliviaHye 2020.08.19. 이달의 소녀 완전체 2주년을 축하드립니다! LOONA heads to unique space to celebrate the 2nd anniversary with e.L.e 2주년을 맞아 우주로 향한 이달의 소녀. We invite you to the place of their own party. 그곳에서 펼쳐진 그녀들만의 파티에 여러분을 초대합니다. e.L.e will unveil a surprise gift for the LOONA's 2nd anniversary. 이달의 소녀의 2주년을 기념하여 준비한 e.L.e의 깜짝 선물이 공개됩니다 :) Also, listen to the story of LOONA that you haven't heard in an exclusive interview available only on e.L.e. for our 2nd anniversary! 또한 2주년을 맞아 e.L.e에서만 만나볼 수 있는 독점 인터뷰에서 듣지 못했던 이달의 소녀 이야기를 들어보세요! 🔍Search #ele_interview on Youtube to view Q. One of the most amazing parts to my opinion is the loyalty that ORBIT has for you. After many solos and two years as a group, ORBIT continues to be so passionate and excited about LOONA. What is that loyalty mean come from your fans? Q. 제 의견에 가장 놀라운 부분 중 하나는 오빛(ORBIT)이 여러분들에게 보여주는 많은 지지와 사랑인 것 같아요. 여러분들이 많은 솔로 활동들과 2년간의 그룹 활동을 한 이래로, 오빛(ORBIT)은 계속해서 루나(LOONA)에 대한 열정과 응원을 감추지 못하고 있습니다. 오빛(ORBIT)의 애정은 루나(LOONA)에게 어떤 의미인가요? Meet the more diverse LOONA in the first issue of e.L.e magazine, which will be published on September. 9월 발간 예정인 첫 호 이엘이 매거진에서도 더욱 다양한 이달의 소녀를 만나보세요. Artist : LOONA | #loona Creative Content by e.L.e Village | #이엘이빌리지 Codirector l Daisy WooWoo, Judy Joo, Heidi Kim Video production by M.E [ Movie Parking + e.L.e ] | #엠이 #ele_interview #제프벤자민 #이엘이 #이엘이매거진 #온라인인터뷰 #비대면인터뷰 #언택트 #온택트 #LOONA #이달의소녀 #SOWHAT #이엘이빌리지 #elevillage #イエルイ #희진 #heeJin #현진 #hyunJin #비비 #vivi #하슬 #haSeul #여진 #yeojin #김립 #kimlip #진솔 #jinsoul #최리 #choerry #이브 #yves #츄 #chuu #고원 #gowon #올리비아혜 #oliviahye
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LOONA Sings BLACKPINK, TWICE, and "Butterfly" in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

LOONA Sings BLACKPINK, TWICE, and "Butterfly" in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

#SongAssociation with #LOONA? #WhyNot! Their latest album "[12:00]" just landed them on #Billboard's 200 album chart, making them the first independent K-pop girl group to do so. Today they are up for another challenge as they attempt to top our chart! Tune in as they sing BLACKPINK & more in a race against the buzzer. For more ELLE: Watch the "Star" music video off their latest album here: v=zW-AIXAnLcE&ab_channel=loonatheworld SUBSCRIBE to ELLE ELLE SHOWS: Song Association | Season 5: Song Association at Home: Waking Up With… Thirst Trap: Ask Me Anything: Absurd Fan Theories: Song Association | Season 1: Song Association | Season 2: Song Association | Season 3: Song Association | Season 4: Read us at: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Keep up with us on Instagram:
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