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[12:00] Album Description & Promotional Text

Loona discovered destiny in between coincidence and fate.

After creating unimaginable waves of change through [#], Loona realize that their destiny is the role of pioneer for all Loonas around the world, and decide to follow their inevitable reason for existence.

Loona, predicting that a new moon will rise, decide to hold a festival in the concert of moonlight at [12:00], when the Moon radiates the brightest light before it expires, one where not even a single girl is oppressed.

Having created coincidence by colliding fate against fate, and discovered destiny between coincidence and fate, Loona delivers a new message through the midnight festival.

With all Loonas around the world; like this slogan of the album, that message says that all Loonas of the world are always together, that all are dignified and equal, worthy to earn freedom.

The combined voice of the girls, who face the beginning of a new moon, is cast into the world.

The intro track "12:00" contains the story of ourselves, having entered a promised time, an orbit, in a new space.

Title track "Why Not" is an uptempo electropop track which contains a story of pursuing a free and distinctive identity, and its funky and bouncy bass line that calls a midnight festival to mind is striking. The key change, which flips a charismatic intro that begins the song into a witty major style in the chorus, resembles Loona who themselves face a change.

"Voice" is an energetic retro track made addictive by its low and repeating beat, and asks to enjoy the emotions of being in love and to adventure together in uncontainable excitement.

"Fall Again" is a pop R&B track with a story of "'Fall'ing back into you again every 'fall'", and lets the listener sumptuously feel the sense of autumn as Loona's emotionally brimming vocals and rhythmic instrumentation blend harmoniously.

"Universe" is a dreamy uptempo electronic pop ballad with gentle swelling pads, ambient vocals and steady beat, where a piano melody that adds warm emotion on top of a beat that contains love, attraction, and seduction as well as smooth pop vocals let the listener feel the song in totality.

"Hide & Seek" is a cool, bright, and poptastic uptempo dance track, which nonchalantly reveals one's unconcealable feelings while expressing confidence towards someone who seems an arm's reach away but won't be caught, like a game of hide and seek.

"Oops!" is a multi-groove pop track, distinguished by a cool and repeating vibe as well as Latin undertones. It imparts the message of vowing to no longer care about others' gazes and living freely while loving oneself.

Also, "Voice" is the Korean language version of "Star"; the English-version "Star", aimed towards global fans, will also be released together, so that listeners may enjoy the music in diverse ways.

For Loona, fate and fate collide and create inevitability.



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