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[Article] CTDE&M Press Release on Loossemble's Field Day (230731)

Among congratulations from fans, Loossemble announced its birth.

On the 29th, Loossemble (Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Go Won, Hyeju) held their first field event with fans, “1st Summer Field Day - Run, Orbit!” (hereon “Orbit Field Day”). That day, Loossemble met 100 fans with various events including large-scale Jenga, Bubble Fighter, human curling, and a relay race.

Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Go Won, and Hyeju were captains of their respective teams and led a heated cheer-off and spoke with fans naturally while enjoying the field day. In particular, they took a step closer to fans and completed a special memory.

For “Orbit Field Day”, Chuu and Yves surprised fans with their surprise appearance. The two went onstage with the Loossemble members, shared what they had been up to, promised to be of reliable support to each other, and also expressed their desires to participate in a wider range of events, to enthusiastic applause.

This was not all. The Loossemble members made cookies and gifted them to fans as they left at the end of the “Orbit Field Day”. Fans could not hide their happy smiles as they received the Loossemble cookies together with the members’ handwritten notes.

Loossemble said, “We are truly thankful and grateful that we could smile with fans at Loossemble’s beginning and make good memories together.” They expressed their feelings while concluding the “Orbit Field Day”, “We want to create opportunities to meet you all more often in the future.”

Meanwhile, Loossemble is the new name for LOONA members Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Go Won, and Hyeju together, with the added meaning that “LOONA has assembled”. Moving forward, they are expecting to interact with fans through a variety of content, including the release of a new album.



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