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[Article] DAZED Korea Interview with LOONA (200624)

The Girl's Rule


Q: Personally, I was impressed by the cell phone ad that Heejin appeared in a few years ago. It came out really pretty. Are you good at skateboarding in real life?

A: Ah, I acted out the expression and feeling of skateboarding in the ad, and a different model had helped with the full shot of skateboarding. I know how to skateboard but can only go forward. (laugh) There was a scene of inline-skating, where I rode on my own while filming.

Q: In the dorm with the members, I heard Heejin is "Off limits from the kitchen," how did that happen?

A: Yes, I've come to the point where I hear from the members what my mom often says: “You’re helping by staying still.” I think it’s because I’m not good at cooking. However, I’m confident in making toast these days. Since I like avocados, I made toast with them, and heard it was good. After spreading cream cheese on bread, by putting salt-soaked avocado on top and finishing it up by sprinkling sauce, it results in a simple toast that’s good for health and is also tasty.

Olivia Hye

Q: You played billiards before becoming an idol.

A: Yes, I learned to play billiards. Unfortunately, my skills were not that exceptional. (laugh) If they stood out, I may have set my course in that path. I usually played pool, so I often competed in competitions. Although I can’t play billiards as often as I used to, I sometimes would go to the billiards room and recall memories of practice from back then. I never know when it might become my own useful skill.

Q: I saw that you went to Iceland with Go Won. How was it?

A: I went to Iceland and France to film a teaser for our song ‘Butterfly’ with Go Won unnie and company staff. It was less cold than I thought, and many desolate yet beautiful landscapes continued to unfold. Unfortunately I didn’t see the auroras, but the ceiling of the accommodation I stayed at was transparent, so the night sky that I saw when I laid down to sleep at night was fantastic. I wish to go again next time.


Q: I've often seen you doing athletics at ISAC and the like. How are you so good at sports, and lately, what exercise have you been doing?

A: Maybe I've been athletic since I was young, I've done well at sports even at a young age. Since I developed confidence, I naturally got better. Then in the auditorium, I really played a ton of sports like badminton, volleyball, kickball, dodgeball, and group jumprope. And I have two younger brothers, and as I played with them, I was exposed to ball games and started to enjoy those too. These days I've gained great interest in body-line care, so I've been doing aerobics. I'm working out to make my collarbone and shoulder lines look good.

Q: We can't not talk about the "Chuu Heart" that made countless people smile.

A: When I talk and when I laugh, I tend to use a lot of hand motions and facial muscles. With all the members, we weredoing our first post-debut fansign, and I wanted to do a really special heart at that spot, so I thought about how I should do it. So, with a gesture that was like "the moon comes down like this, and I bite it, forming a heart. I'm giving this to the fans~" the "Chuu heart" was born. (laugh) That clip was captured and got spread, and lots of sunbaenims (T/N: older people in the industry) did it too


Q: You have two brothers who are quite a bit older than you. You must've received lots of love from them.

A: I have two brothers, 10 and 11 years older than me. Since I was young they took good care of me like my dad. Maybe that's why I felt like I had three dads while growing up. (laugh) They genuinely cared for me and loved me, and worried that much about me too. They'd always care for me and think of me, and lately they've been great support for me, so I'd like to give a big thanks to my brothers.

Q: For your role model, you picked the actress Gong Hyojin.

A: While seeing Gong Hyojin sunbaenim acting, I really thought that she was professional. I feel like there's a lot to learn from her. Her self-care is meticulous, and she has such a variety of charms. I saw her as a lead actress in the movie "Crazy Romance" and I wondered how much time and effort she spent to be able to act that naturally, as if she were flowing like water.


Q: Typically students don't like the uniforms that they always have to wear, but Jinsoul, you said you liked school uniforms. How do you typically dress?

A: I had a fondness for uniforms, since you can only wear them when you're a student. My typical style is close to "dressed without seeming dressed." For typical outfits, unlike my on-stage attire, rather than things that go bling-bling, I like the kinda-cool looks, without attracting much attention, like wearing all-black. Even if there is color, I often just add one or so, as a highlight.

Q: You're a member of LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE. Anything that you want to say to Kim Lip and Choerry, the other two members?

A: It has been two years since we've promoted as ODD EYE CIRCLE. We're even called the "summer unit," because fitting with the summer, we're fresh and hot. (laugh) Our songs go well with the summer because of all of its coolness. So when summer comes, the fans wait for ODD EYE CIRCLE to come back. Actually I've looked up how we looked when we performed that past summer, (to Kim Lip, Choerry) guys, let's look forward to when we come back again and keep running hard for it! (laugh)


Q: The name "Choerry" sounds really unique. How did it come to be?

A: When I was a trainee I went up to the staff and with my real name, said, "Hello, I'm Choi Yerim!" But if you say that in a rush, it can sound like "Hello, I'm Choeri!" So that's how "Choerry" came to be. (laugh) Now, I really like my name. I've gotten the cute nickname of "Choerry" too, and it's still a name that I love a lot.

Q: You said that on breaks, you like seeing exhibitions. Is there any particularly memorable exhibitions that you've seen lately?

A: On days off, when I need to do something to heal, I often go to exhibitions. These days since we're avoiding crowded areas, so I haven't been able to visit many exhibitions. I don't quite remember the exhibition or artist name, but recently I went with my mom to an exhibition filled with works made of lights. Later, after I gain experience, and develop something of my own, I want to open my own exhibition and show it to people.

Kim Lip

Q: You sleep early and wake up early, even getting the nickname "grandma" which I found pretty funny. How is your sleeping pattern these days?

A: Before, my eyes would open at 4 AM. But lately that habit has disappeared. I don't know if it's a good thing or not, but usually I start falling sleep at around 10 PM. Of course, if there's something on the schedule, there are times where it gets really late and even into dawn, but even if I sleep late, I wake up at around 7-8 AM. No matter how little I sleep. I think my body is just used to the rhythm of sleeping and waking up regularly like that.

Q: You have a special connection with member Chuu in which you are both from the same hometown and from the same school. What is Chuu to Kim Lip?

A: Although we're from the same hometown and went to the same school, I never imagined that I would ever be with Chuu in a group called LOONA. One day, a new member came in and it was Chuu. I was dumbfounded and said "Hey, what's this?" But you know, even if you're close friends, you can still clash while at work. I was a bit worried about that but since she's an old friend, we have a close relationship in which there are times we lay side by side before we sleep sharing our worries, the old days, and have deep conversations all night. I feel reassured because I have Chuu.


Q: Yeojin is the youngest of the group and also an only child. It's hard to imagine how much love you must receive.

A: I'm not sure if it's because of that, but I'm someone who has a lot of aegyo. I have a bright personality and overflowing energy. I don't try to hide my personality and am very open. I'm always hyper, and I'm so bright that I'm worried that the member unnies might find it burdensome, but I'm thankful and happy to be well-accepted and encouraged.

Q: You usually work hard on writing in your diary.

A: I didn't know what to do when I lost my confidence or felt down, so Vivi unnie recommended me a way. Writing a little about my day, and among that, writing 3 things I did well, and 3 things I didn't do well. When I look back like that, there are many times where I feel differently about it. To give an example, it was the day LOONA recently won the "Female Idol Rising Star Award" for the 2020 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards. While writing that down again, I found my confidence and remembered my gratitude.

Go Won

Q: There are anecdotes saying that you were popular because you were very pretty and fair-skinned when you attended school. What memories do you have of that time?

A: I'm embarrassed. (laugh) My friends would just say "you're a bit pretty," but I think it was a bit exaggerated. I transferred schools midway through, so I wanted to take a commemorative picture with my school friends to leave behind some memories. Somehow my friends formed a line to take photos with me and I think that became misrepresented.

Q: You like looking at model houses. If you got your own house in the future, how would you like to decorate it?

A: I want to live in a house with a yard more. Since I'm a homebody, I like being able to rest comfortably at home. I'm a bit jealous of the indoor swings that hang from the ceiling of this studio. (laugh) It would also be nice to install a hammock in my home. First of all, I want to create the most comfortable atmosphere possible. I want to decorate it with the feeling of a quiet beach.


Q: Yves, before debuting, you were a student with outstanding grades. How did you study?

A: At first, my parents were against the idea of me being an idol. So to get permission from them to become a singer, I studied harder. Even when I was overcome with drowsiness in class and dozing off, I always took notes of things that the teacher said was important. So I openly went through the things that I wrote on my way to after-school lessons, or in the bus. And I'd solve past questions on the subway too. Just really intensely? I don't think there's any other way. Ah, and while saying, "I think things like this will be on the test," I studied with my friends in study groups.

Q: Apparently you're also very good at English, please leave a word for all the fans from abroad.

A: No, I'm not very good at English, I'm just at the level where I got good grades in English at school? (laugh) I'm just at the level of being able to briefly exchange greetings. (Then she with clean pronunciation, she says the following in English) "Hi, our fans all around the world, today we had a photoshoot with <DAZED> Korea, and it was so amazing. Please look forward to it, and always stay healthy. Thank you!"


Q: You're aware of the expression "matnae" right? I heard that while you're the mat-unnie (oldest unnie), you're also like the maknae (youngest person).

A: I think there's a side of my personality that people rely and lean on. But since I'm the oldest member, when I talk with the members and live with them, sometimes I feel "ah, I guess they could think that way too." (laugh)

Q: You're the only member of a foreign nationality, performing in Korea. Who's the person you're thinking about the most right now? Please share what you most want to tell that person.

A: My mom. There's lots of things I want to tell my mom. Because I'm here alone in Korea, it's unfortunate that I can't see her often. It's also a shame that from time to time, we can't tell each other things that would be more easily detected if we were together. My mom has to take care of my two younger siblings in school in Hong Kong, and I have work here, so she can't often visit. But more than anything else, I want to express to my mom that I love her and thank her, with words and actions, but that's difficult since we're physically distant, which is a shame. I always want to help my mom, and I want to tell her again that I love her.



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