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[Article] EDaily Interview with Vivi (200930)

[Reporter Kim Hyun-sik, EDaily StarIn] How do foreigner idols, who came to Korea with dreams of becoming a K-pop idol, spend their time? We asked five idols, who are working actively as they roam the music scene in all kinds of ways, about their Chuseok holiday plans. - Ed. note

"Orbits, have a good holiday and see you on October 19th."

These are the words of Vivi, a member of the group Loona who are busy in comeback preparations. Vivi is planning to spend most of her time over this Chuseok weekend in the practice room, as her team Loona has an impending comeback. Loona will release a new mini album, Midnight (12:00), on October 19 and enter new promotions.

"We have the comeback coming up, so I've been practicing consistently with the members and I've also been getting PT. I think I'll still be doing comeback prep over the long weekend, getting dance lessons. Still, it's a holiday and a special day, so I want to eat some Chuseok food with the members."

Vivi is the only foreigner among Loona's 12 members. Though she is spending this Chuseok in the practice room with comeback prep, Vivi said she has spent Chuseok at fellow member Hyunjin's home.

"One time I went to Hyunjin's place to spend Chuseok weekend. It was a fascinating and cool experience, because I was able to watch how Chuseok meals get made and how they give memorial rites, and really feel Korea's Chuseok culture that way."

She says that if she got a vacation on the next holiday, she would like to enjoy refreshments with family.

"In my hometown, we have holiday foods that are only sold for two months during the Chuseok period. Just like songpyeon in Korea, we enjoy these during Chuseok and there's a delicious variety, so I think of that when Chuseok comes around."

When she looks to Chuseok's full moon, she plans to make a wish about her family, Loona, and the fans.

"Everyone is going through hard times because of COVID-19, right. I hope good days will come soon and that I can meet the fans in person and see my family too. And after the comeback, I want to be really active through variety shows, including music shows, and other diverse content with the members, and have a fun time."

Vivi, saying "I can't wait to come back and show fans our performances," also did not neglect a request for fans to enjoy Loona's comeback-related content over the Chuseok holiday.

"Loona's Midnight album concepts photos have been coming out on social media. Through the diverse concepts you'll be able to feel a vibe and mysteriousness that Loona hasn't shown off before."

Lastly, Vivi provided this message for the fans.

"Orbits, you're having a joyful holiday, right? The day we can meet is approaching. If you wait for us just a little bit as you look at the Loona concept photos, we'll come to you shortly. Let's have a good time together. Hope you have a great holiday, eating delicious songpyeon."



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