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[Article]'Idol Radio' LOONA, Successful Fans of Special DJ OhMyGirl,"Most Nervous in Life"(200211)

Group LOONA appeared on MBC 'Idol Radio' on the 10th, hosted by OhMyGirl's Seunghee and Binnie, and shared their thoughts on being 'successful fans'. It's been revealed that LOONA has been long time fans of the special DJ's, OhMyGirl.

Yves commented "Choerry and Gowon will return to dorm and keep watching OhMyGirl on TV. Even on moving day with all the stacked boxes, they still watched them." Gowon couldn't hide her emotions and shared she was "OhMyGirl's fan since before debut", and that "it was the most nervous time in her life, and she was nervous even more the schedule was confirmed". OhMyGirl Seunghee warmly replied "Health is important. If you are sick, or feel unfair, please say it out loud. More than anything, it is important to promote in a healthy and happy way. You are doing so well right now and are so great on stage, so I hope you continue just as you are now."

Before the main corner began, they took time to celebrate LOONA member Kim Lip's birthday. Kim Lip said "Even though yesterday's schedule ended late night, Vivi unnie made seaweed soup over night and gave it to me in the morning. I was so touched, and I ate breakfast with eggs", showing members' close relationship. Also, Kim Lip shared "I want to eat Yves unnie's 'Mara Teokbokki'. She is very good at cooking."

LOONA who became with second EP album '[#]', gained spotlight for working with SM Entertainment's Lee Soo Man producer.

Yves explained "Producer Lee Soo Man was organizing a global project and found out about us. He saw our cover of NCT127's 'Cherry Bomb' and discovered our potential, and participated as producer." Yves also continued "we were able to prepare for this song very happily thanks to Producer Lee Soo Man. We're very thankful. I want to meet him in person."

Also, as if confirming the popularity, since comeback, LOONA has achieved 'Worldwide Twitter Trending #1', 'iTunes #1 in over 56 countries', '2020 February Brand ranking #3', and is continuing their popularity." Kim Lip replied in awe, "I didn't expect that we would become a big issue, but many people have given us love and we were surprised. We don't know what to do."

Regarding title track 'So What', which gave LOONA many special achievements, Heejin explained it as "song that contains message to destroy the stereotypes world has created and march forward with confidence". LOONA agreed they "liked the strong concept" they came back with, different from prior ones. Regarding member who fits the concept the best, Yeojin said "Of course I also fit well, but Olivia Hye, Kim Lip and Yves unnies especially fit well, those who you want to take to return items to store", making people laugh.

As B-side '365' started playing, Olivia Hye said "this was the first fan song, and we cried a lot singing during last year's concert. To us, and to the fans, this song takes a very special place in our hearts." Ohmygirl Seunghee related, saying that "when you lock eyes with fans while singing (fan song), it really hits you hard", and Binnie also agreed saying "you can feel with your heart".

LOONA Yves told the fans "we came back after 1 year, and all the members felt apologetic for making the fans wait too long. But we can't just hold this feeling, so we will work hard during this promotion and repay with great results and stages. I want to all of us (members) to stay healthy and always be together." Continuing, LOONA did Idol Radio's signature segment medley dance, and performed songs switching between cuteness and charisma. Performances including 'Heat', 'favOriTe', 'Hi High', 'Kiss Later', 'Satellite', 'Colors', 'Butterfly'filled Sangam MBC Garden studio; LOONA members also heat up the studio and split into units to do cover stages.

Choerry, Gowon, Olivia Hye performed Mamamoo's 'HIP' and showed non-maknae-like explosive energy. Hyunjin, Yeojin, Vivi, Jinsoul, Chuu covered BTS's Fire in a cute way and received applause.

Heejin, Kim Lip, Choerry, Yves, Olivia Hye performed Sunmi's Full Moon and showcased their sexy charms.

LOONA also shared their hidden talents. Olivia Hye showed acting skills from drama 'High Kick', and Jinsoul showed extending her neck and shocked everyone. Chuu perfectly imitated the famous '(Inuyasha) Exit Dubbing'.

After sharing their dance skills and other talents, the 11 girls finished the recording and shared "today was such a happy day. I hope the fans also have a happy day. We will promote hard so please watch us attentively". Original Source



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