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[Article] Pilates S Interview with Yves, Go Won & Olivia Hye (210409)

Blooming Lovely Sunshine

Let's first hear about how it felt for the three of you, who promoted as Loona yyxy together before debuting as Loona, to do this shoot together.

Yves: Maybe because this is our first unit pictorial, I was so excited before we even started. If there's another chance in the future, I'd love to include our other unit member, Chuu. Please call us again! Hahaha!

For those who may not be familiar with Loona yyxy, can you briefly explain its concept and formation?

Yves: In Loona, three units come together to complete one world called the Loonaverse, and we were the last of those. If the first unit Loona 1/3 is 'Earth', we correspond to 'Eden', and the second unit Odd Eye Circle to 'the realm between'. Honestly, if you know just this much you already know half of it, haha! I was selected first among the Loona yyxy members, then Chuu, and then Go Won, and finally Olivia Hye joined to complete us.

Feels like it's been a while since we've seen you, since you promoted late last year with the [12:00] album. How have you been?

Olivia Hye: We've been gradually working on things that we couldn't do while we were busy. We've been taking Pilates since 2019, and we couldn't do it at all during promotions but now a few members including the three of us have started again. Feels like starting over since we took such a long break! And Yves unnie is also studying MIDI.

Yves: I was teaching myself for about six months, and now I'm learning it formally with the company's support. My interest is growing every moment.

Who has the best Pilates skills in Loona?

Yves: We three are the true aces. Hahaha! Go Won and Olivia Hye are both competitive, so they try really hard.

Go Won: I honestly don't like exercising that much, so I'm always going "This will be so hard, what do I do" before I go to class, but afterwards I feel so accomplished. Like I'm proud of myself. But I have a weak core, so it's so difficult every time I'm balancing my upper body on the barrel.

Today's pictorial concept was 'girls enjoying a lazy spring afternoon'. Is there anything that comes to mind when you think of spring?

Yves: It might have been when I was 21 years old, but one warm spring day I opened the window on the bus and looked at the scenery outside. I happened to be listening to Dean sunbaenim's "21", and I remember it so vividly because that song, the scenery, the wind hitting my face, all of it felt so perfect.

What about your favorite season, then?

Yves: Again, spring.

Olivia Hye: Autumn! I get both hot and cold easily so I like it being reasonably cool.

Go Won: Summer when there's a lot to enjoy. I love going to the waterpark, and I get to eat watermelon, so I think it's the best season.

Which season would you compare yourself to?

Everyone: Ahhk! It's too hard. Puhahaha!

Yves: Should we do each other? Go Won fits well with winter. Like an animal that hibernates, her actions are leisurely and her voice is soft so it almost makes me hibernate too. And Olivia Hye is summer! She looks cold at first so you might think winter, but her heart is so warm. She's the maknae, but she's particularly willing to listen to your problems.

Go Won: I think Yves unnie is autumn. It's the season when you somehow get more sentimental, right. More than anything, unnie empathizes well no matter what you tell her.

Is there a role or character that you're in charge of in the team?

Olivia Hye: I have a vibe like chic black color. I'm in charge of darkness in Loona!

Go Won: Then I'm yellow! My personality is cheery and bright and positive. Even in a negative situation, even if it's just one thing, I find that silver lining. Hahaha!

Yves: I'm... the engine? I try to model a good example, so that Loona can progress in a good direction. Of course that's not as easy as I wish... But still, Go Won and Olivia Hye are always encouraging me a lot by my side, like "Yves unnie said we should do it this way, let's give it a try!"

You have many members so you might not have had much time to brag about yourself. Is there something that you could say you are really outstanding at?

Olivia Hye: I'm good at creating killer parts when I sing.

Everyone: The parts get Olivia Hye's boost! If Olivia Hye does it, anything is cool!

Yves: I'm a pretty fast learner. When the choreographer explains a dance, I can immediately make it mine.

Go Won: I... can pull off a princess-style dress well, without making it seem overdone. Hahahaha!

Yves: Wow... As expected... Go Won can handle things by herself. Haha! She even said princess herself.

Olivia Hye: Princess Go Won~!

You all have different personalities. How about your music tastes? Can you reveal your playlists?

Go Won: It's spring, so I'm listening to WJSN sunbaenim's "I Wish" and Lovelyz sunbaenim's "Now, We", which heartily give off that lovely vibe. When it gets warmer, I think it'll be nice to listen to refreshing songs like Taeyeon sunbaenim's "Cover Up".

Olivia Hye: It's spring and all so I listen to a lot of Loco sunbaenim's "You Don't Know" as well as the collaboration of Loco sunbaenim and GFriend's Yuju sunbaenim, "Spring Is Gone by Chance". It's a song I used to listen to a lot in spring during my school days.

Yves: BTS sunbaenims' "00:00 (Zero O'Clock)". There's a line that goes "Very briefly I hold my breath and give myself a pat again", and when I listen on the way home it makes my heart soft and encourages me a lot, so I want to recommend it to the fans too.

These days it's very natural to have solo activities while promoting as part of an idol group. Is there anything you would like to try?

Olivia Hye: For now I want to focus on the goals we have as Loona.

Yves: I want us to be the kind of group where anyone who hears the name "Loona" would give a thumbs up. Setting records in the history of popular music is of course important, but all the members are most wanting to be recognized by the public.

You have immense love for your group. But as an individual, rather than as Loona, is there an ideal picture of yourself in your mind?

Go Won: More than anything else, I want to live happily while doing everything I want to do. And at some point if I find something that really fits me well, I think I can keep walking down that path.

Olivia Hye: I want to become a person who's healthy both physically and mentally. I also want to be a certain kind of good influence on the fans.

Yves: Kind of similar to Olivia Hye. I want to take the good influence I've received while doing certain work and return that to many others. And if I could be someone who can provide healing to someone else, I'd love that more than anything.

Let's wrap up on a wholesome note, praising the member next to you. It'd be nice to try summarizing simply in five syllables.

Go Won: "Awesome persistence." Olivia Hye doesn't really show it on the outside, but once you get to know her, she's extremely disciplined in her self-maintenance and really gives everything she has in practice.

Olivia Hye: "Trust and follow her." My sister is four years older than me, same age as Yves unnie. Maybe that's why, but we are getting along well like she's my real sister.

Yves: I said earlier that Go Won is like winter, so "Winter-bloomed flower!"

Olivia Hye: Wow, are you calling her vicious, because she's a flower that defeated the cold to bloom? Puhahaha!

Yves: Even though she must have had tons of worries and hardships that she couldn't talk about while promoting with Loona, Go Won just doesn't really express those things. Just once, early in our debut, I saw her crying on her bed in our dorm, and even then I thought she was playing. She might seem playful, but she's endured well through those hard times, and as she's gotten older year by year she's become even more splendid. So I think she's a dongsaeng who has a lot for me to learn from.

What would you like to tell Orbits, who are waiting earnestly for Loona?

Go Won: Thank you so much for always being next to us and cheering for us. We'll be back with another good album next time so you should never leave~ Love you Orbits!

Olivia Hye: I'm sure the word that you want to hear the most is "comeback". We'll work hard to be able to come back in a short while. Until then, I hope you will all be healthy and well.

Yves: I hope it'll be a year when everything Orbits wish and hope for will come true. We'll put in the work to come back quickly, so please wait just a little!

Lastly, a word for Pilates S readers!

Yves: It's a great honor for Loona's Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye to appear on the April issue of Pilates S. I think there must be many folks who are feeling melancholy and having a hard time due to the impacts of COVID from last year to now. I hope that you might be able to feel the warmth of spring, even if just a little, through this pictorial. All, please be healthy and happy!



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