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[Article] The Star Interview with Heejin & Chuu (210327)

Meet The Girls


Fans have given you lots of nicknames. What might be Chuu's favorite? I like gangurjwee (puppy), because it feels like being loved by the fans. When they tell me "Our gangurjwee did so well," I get what it feels like to raise a pet dog even though I don't actually have one. Like they're coddling me. (Laughs)

You seem to be positive and bright by nature. My parents are bright and full of energy. Ever since young, I built lots of good memories with them while traveling, taking walks, riding bikes. So I still have that joyful energy now.

What gives you most joy while being an idol group member? I thought collective living would be hard at first, but it was a good fit for me. It's fun, and it gave me lots of things I want to do. I'm thankful for the moments I can spend together with good people. And I appreciate the sense of belonging in the group.

Chuu is the originator of the biting heart. Is there a new aegyo you've invented lately? Olivia Hye was cringing while watching this aegyo clip. So I went like "Hey Hyeju! Kiss kiss kiss-ss!" and she's like "Barf!" So I thought, I need to use that on Hyeju going forward. (Laughs)

You've been protecting the environment on the YouTube channel Chuu Can Do It. What does Chuu do in your everyday routine to protect the Earth? Recently I bought a book about the environment. I separated out makeup past expiration as I disposed of them, the way I learned in the book, and I felt so proud about that. I also carry a tumbler around, eat vegan bread, and bought environmentally-friendly wrap.


You look so relaxed on the stage. Do you not get very nervous? It's not that I don't get nervous, but when I'm on stage I focus on the song and I end up enjoying it.

Loona's all-rounder member, Heejin. What are you most confident in, other than singing? I like to draw. I want to show fans a lot of genres that aren't music, too.

What makes Heejin's heart race these days? Trying new things. There's baking, and also when I start a new mobile game, sometimes I stay up while playing until dawn. (Laughs)

Is there a precious memory in life thus far? It was my mother's birthday recently, so we threw her a surprise party with my sisters. I'd lied to her right before, saying I can't make it because of a schedule. When I showed up holding a cake after my schedule, my mother cried. I was reminded again of my family's love so that's memorable to me.

Heejin has a bright personality, but when do you become sad? Even if something sad happens, I tend to forget the next day. But sometimes, when I'm in the dorm alone without the members, it's so silent. Sometimes I get lonely then.


The first meeting between Loona's Chuu and Heejin with The Star! How was the pictorial shoot?

Heejin: I've wanted to do a photoshoot with unnie.

Chuu: Me too. (Laughs) I've been saying for a while, "I want to do a photoshoot with Heejin, I'm curious." Watching Heejin do her shoot today, I thought 'Any concept fits her well.' She's like a chameleon!

Heejin: I was so impressed watching unnie, too. Like 'There's something different about such a refreshing person.' It was a wholesome atmosphere on set! (Laughs)

How would you introduce Loona?

Heejin: Loona (Girls of the Month) means that you meet a new girl every month. We are 12 girls who came into being through various debut projects including solos, units, and the full group.

Loona's hit song, "Star", is achieving successful metrics such as six straight weeks on the US Billboard radio charts.

Chuu: Hearing with my ears and seeing with my eyes, it didn't feel real. One opportunity where I could actually feel it was at KCON two years ago. I'm so thankful for the good news that keeps coming.

Heejin: Once COVID-19 eases up, we want to go see the fans where they are.

Chuu: Yes. Thank you so much. Please wait for us.

You described this album [12:00] as the girls' unified voices being cast out into the whole world. With your next song, is there another story you'd like to tell the world?

Heejin: With every album, the storyline continues through Loona's lore. The next album will extend the storytelling well through the previous parts of the lore. Please look forward to what new message we'll be expressing.

You received the Next Generation Award at the Golden Disc Awards this year. Is there another award you'd like to challenge yourself with?

Chuu: I was thankful and glad to receive the Next Generation Award, but I did look forward to and feel eager for the next award. So we'll be sure to have the next award and the one after that in our sights. (Laughs)

Heejin: I want us to become a group that shows great things on bigger stages, and get to receive Daesangs as well.

Chuu: Yeah, we'll climb up step by step.

Chuu has tried out acting through the web drama Dating Class. How was the first acting experience?

Chuu: I think it felt new and fresh. I wish I could have done a lot of things better, so I want to learn and work hard and show you my acting one more time.

Heejin: She did so well.

Chuu: You did better! I learned by watching Do You Remember When We First Met (Woomanna), which Heejin was in. (Laughs)

Heejin also showed out well on the web drama. Do you plan to try acting again?

Heejin: It was a great opportunity, and I was shocked at how many people showed love. If there's another opportunity, I'd love to give another shot. I am open. (Laughs)

What were your first impressions of each other?

Chuu: So pretty. She's got the facial image that I like. Lovely, pretty, nobility personified. (Laughs)

Heejin: I was fascinated when I first met Chuu unnie. 'There's a real person who's this bouncy.' Literally when we first met, unnie grabbed my hand and said "Heejin, your 'ViViD' solo music video, like 1 million of those views are mine. You're so pretty!" It was all so new. (Laughs)

What do you two talk about the most?

Chuu: "You are so pretty. Your nose is so pretty. You have to thank your mom. Your features are no joke?"

Heejin: She compliments me so much, makes me feel embarrassed. (Laughs) Also when it's just the two of us, we talk about our problems with each other too.

Chuu: Right. We sing together a lot and practice guitar together too.

Heejin: Talk about this and that, and a lot of food talk too.

There's the 'Bbobbies Line' [Puppies] of Chuu and Heejin, because you both look like puppies. How's your chemistry?

Chuu: What do you think of Bbobbies?

Heejin: I think it's a good name.

Chuu: With Bbobbies, I think of a natural puppy image like bickering all the time, rather than a puppy that grew up all prim.

Heejin: A fan asked me for a nickname to refer to Heejin and Chuu, so at a fansign I wrote down Bbobbies. Fans love Chuu and Heejin's chemistry, so we can't help but love too.

Chuu: We actually are Bbobbies. (Laughs)

Tell us about each other's charms.

Heejin: I think Chuu unnie's charm is just the way she is. She tells me so many good things.

Chuu: You're a good person so I just tell the truth.

Heejin: And how lovely is she? I just want to bite her. (Laughs)

Chuu: Heejin is such an impressive dongsaeng that I want to emulate. She has persistence and passion, and endured a long trainee period without complaining. She's a reliable friend. And then on top of that she's pretty, too. It's like a cherry on top.

How do you spend time when there isn't a schedule? Curious about your hobbies, too.

Chuu: When there's not a schedule, I play guitar or read books. Not often but I read little by little. (Laughs)

Heejin: I bake in the dorm.

Chuu: When she bakes, she gifts cookies until we get sick. Makes me think 'That girl's passion is amazing, she's full of love' when I watch her.

Heejin: I have the members who'll enjoy them, so that's fun and makes me want to do it.

Chuu: You remember those cookies we made together a while back? We made these concrete cookies before. Now she's so good that she could sell them. I want Heejin to make a baking video.

Heejin: I'll always feed unnie with sustenance.

Chuu: When you make them I'll eat them and clean up by your side. (Laughs)

On the web variety Jukne Tour, you two had a fun time hanging out in Japan. Is there anywhere you'd like to travel together after COVID-19?

Chuu: That filming made me happy. It'd have been so nice if all the members had gone together.

Heejin: I want to revisit the U.S., and I want to visit Switzerland too.

Chuu: I want to go to Switzerland too. I heard it's so clean and the views are amazing. It'd be so nice if we all went together.

Heejin: Unnie, do you have any other place?

Chuu: I want to go to Prague, wear an evening dress, hold a glass of wine, enjoy a party like a woman from a drama.

With Chuu and Heejin's birthdays being a day off, you once made brownies together on VLive. Is there a bakery item you'd like to make together on this year's birthday?

Heejin: Wanna bake cookies together?

Chuu: Okay. I've never baked before but I want to learn from Heejin.

Heejin: HeeChuu-made cookies, HeeChuu baking!

Loona has stayed consistently pretty from debut until now. Do you have any fashion and beauty maintenance tips?

Heejin: After schedules, I meticulously remove makeup.

Chuu: I wash up quickly. I have to, to feel refreshed and avoid problems. My skin is sensitive so I tend to do that. Miss Heejin, any other tips?

Heejin: I drink a lot of water. At least two liters every day.

You've been in the business from a young age. What's the hardest thing about living as a girl group member?

Chuu: I love tteokbokki, and the most painful thing is not being able to try a newly developed tteokbokki menu if there's a schedule.

Heejin: I get that. The saying "Dieting is the hardest part of being in a girl group" is not an exaggeration. I exercise a lot but it can still be hard if you love eating.

Chuu: Let's get tteokbokki when we don't have a schedule.

Heejin: Love it.

Chuu: I want rose tteokbokki. (Laughs)

It's been three years since your debut. How does it feel to look back on Loona's career so far?

Heejin: Looking back, it makes me think we've climbed up well, step by step. Like climbing a flight of stairs. Thanks to the members finding strength, we've been able to make it this far. I'm so proud.

Chuu: Like Heejin said, all the members came up with strength and that created teamwork. Starting with Heejin who debuted first, then Hyunjin, Haseul unnie, Yeojin, and then to everyone else, I'm so thankful to everyone working so hard.

Chuu & Heejin: Thank you. You have to stay healthy. Let's always be together.

What was your happiest moment since debut?

Heejin: While preparing the whole project, I was happy when we became a full group, and I can never forget when we showed the fans our first performance, when we did the concert. When we do a concert, it's our fans and no one else. People who like and love each other coming together, creating synergy, performing, that's so meaningful and precious.

Chuu: Right. There's this sensation of exchanging emotions with the fans when we do concerts. Also, just the everyday routines of living together with the members make me happy.

Heejin: All the members come together to hang out and eat as if it's a holiday. That makes me feel warm.

Is there any descriptor you'd like added to Loona in the future?

Heejin: I want Loona to be the descriptor. For us to be a descriptor ourselves, so people can say things like 'The next Loona', like that. (Laughs)

Chuu: I hope people will recognize and love Loona on its own, to the point where we don't need any descriptors.

What is Loona's ultimate skill and unique trait?

Heejin: Performance.

Chuu: The members' colors, charms, and personalities come through in our songs and music videos and reality shows, and there's fun in that.

Heejin: When we're together we don't clash, but mesh well together.

Chuu: Good chemistry.

What does Loona mean to each of you?

Heejin: More precious than I can express in words. If I don't see the members for even a day I'm like, "Why does it feel like it's been so long," and I think that's how much they've become a part of my life.

Chuu: At this point, my most comfortable place is wherever the members are. When I went home and came back to the dorm to see the members, my heart felt much more at ease.

Heejin: Sometimes, the dorm actually feels more comfortable.

Chuu: Right! That's what I wanted to say!

Heejin: Sorry Mom!

What's a bucket list item for this spring?

Chuu: Seeing the flowers. I want to go to an empty beach, take pictures with the members, make memories to cherish.

Heejin: I want to picnic or go see the flowers with the members.

Curious to know how Chuu and Heejin envision yourselves 10 years from now.

Heejin: I'm sure if you asked 10 years ago, I'd have said I want to be a singer at 22. Guess I achieved that. For 32-year-old Heejin, I feel like I might still be working in the entertainment industry. I'm content and happy right now, so I want to live as an entertainer even 10 years from now. Together with unnie.

Chuu: I want to show lots of charms that I can show off in Loona, and 10 years later I want to show off a different charm, too. My image right now is bright and cutesy, but I feel like I might become sexy 10 years from now. (Laughs)

Heejin: I really hope I can see in 10 years. (Laughs)

Chuu: I think it'll be fun.

Lastly, what would you like to tell the fans?

Heejin: We'll become a group that always shows you lots of great things in music and dance. Our fans, stay healthy and let's stick together for a long long time. I love you.

Chuu: It's been a long time since we've seen the fans in person. I imagine the fans are just as disappointed as we are, and I hope the situation improves soon so we can share happiness together, in person. We'll show you so many things that we've been preparing in the meantime. I love you.



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