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[Article] VIBE Magazine: "Ask LOONA Anything" (220622)

Q. Favorite B-side in the album?

Heejin, Hyunjin, Yeojin, Jinsoul, Choerry, Chuu: Pale Blue Dot

Haseul, Vivi, Kim Lip, Yves, Go Won, Olivia Hye: Playback

Q. Please tell us any behind-the-scenes stories from Flip That!

Heejin: Haseul unnie sang her adlib at “flip it flip itttt” so sweetly that it was funny (ㅎㅎ)

Hyunjin: When filming the MV in the train station, we laughed for so long while looking at each others’ faces that my mouth had muscle spasms ㅋㅋㅋ

Haseul: Because the choreo was easier than previous albums, I thought I wouldn’t sweat, but the song’s fast, so I don’t get to rest. So I think I sweat on stage more than I thought I would.

Yeojin: We filmed part of the MV outdoors, and I saw frogs ㅎㅎ

Vivi: There were lots of scenes of us smiling in the MV, and after smiling for a long time, my cheeks got stiff ㅎㅎ

Kim Lip: I put on ribbon earrings that were bewilderingly large.

Jinsoul: It was almost my first time just smiling this widely for recording, so whenever I monitored myself, it felt totally new. Even having thoughts like, “This is LOONA, right..?” ㅋㅋ

Choerry: There’s a story about a time where we had to act sleepy and bored, and I actually fell asleep..!

Yves: Working hard at filming for a pretty picture, for a longer time than expected, the members really really worked hard.

Chuu: Due to schedule reasons, I got to choreo lessons late and Haseul unnie smoothly taught me in an enjoyable way ㅎㅎ

Go Won: While moving around to make dance formations, I stepped on Yves unnie’s foot and unnie continued her part while having a shoe off.. It was a relief that it was during practice! Sorry unnie~♡

Olivia Hye: The hand gesture choreo was so hard.

Q. Are there any songs that you’re listening to lately?!

Heejin: Bruno Mars-24K Magic

Hyunjin: Lately, I think I’m listening to Flip That the most.

Haseul: g.o.d. sunbaenim’s “Road”

Yeojin: f(x) sunbaenim’s Goodbye Summer

Vivi: I’m enjoying our latest B-side, Pale Blue Dot.

Kim Lip: Kwon Jinah - Something's Wrong

Jinsoul: GRASS - Why I like

Choerry: Red Velvet - Feel My Rhythm

Yves: Josef Salvat - call on me

Chuu: youra - Swim♡

Go Won: Kwon Jinah - Pink

Olivia Hye: YOUHA - ICE T

Q. What are the “It” items that you have in your bag~?! Other than your phones, what’s in your bag~!!

Heejin: Card wallet! (home card, credit card, ID, student ID)

Hyunjin: Sunscreen! Portable battery~!!

Haseul: Wired earphones, phone charger

Yeojin: Perfume!

Vivi: Lip product, vitamins, pumpkin extract, Airpods, mist

Kim Lip: Airpods, tint, perfume

Jinsoul: Perfume, wallet, lip balm, Airpods.. Just such typical things!

Choerry: Vitamins, pouch, Airpods, etc..♡

Yves: Airpods, wallet, lip balm, pact, powder, lipstick, letters

Chuu: Wallet, fast-charger, perfume, supplements, vitamins, cushion, Airpods, candy, artificial tears.

Go Won: Hairband, portable battery.

Olivia Hye: Portable battery, perfume, breath spray.

Q. How do you get over the summer heat?

Heejin: Let’s watch the warm sunlight from indoors!

Hyunjin: Don’t move a lot!! And drink lots of water!

Haseul: Rather than being outside, I recommend staying indoors for the summer..!!

Yeojin: Eat watermelon! Be in bed!

Vivi: You can overcome it with water, the sea, a fan, body lotion, shaved ice, shower.

Kim Lip: I tie my hair. I stay still.

Jinsoul: Being cooped up at home is the best! If going outside, cafes or theaters.. A/C’s the best♥

Choerry: Have a cool summer while listening to LOONA’s refreshing song “Flip That”~☆

Yves: Don’t do anything and lie down and listen to LOONA - Flip That! This is paradise…☆

Chuu: Home+wind+blackout curtain♡

Go Won: Eating naengmyun!!!

Olivia Hye: Don’t go outside.

Q. I’m aware that this year you’re busy non-stop, from the concert, to Queendom 2, to the overseas tour. If you were to get a vacation, what would you do first?

Heejin: As COVID restrictions have cleared, traveling abroad with the members!! (Actually after the Queendom 2 final, there were plans to go to Jeju but that fell through..)

Hyunjin: I want to go swimming at the pool!

Haseul: I want to go to a theater on my own and watch movies all day.

Yeojin: I want to go home.

Vivi: Home! Going straight home!

Kim Lip: Going to Jeju with my family! Hanging out at a rented-out place with the members!

Jinsoul: Traveling with friends or family even for a short while, or going to see the ocean

Choerry: I want to travel with the members, eat tasty things, and take photos!

Yves: Going home and being with Haneul! Buying grandma good food.

Chuu: Jeju, traveling the world!

Go Won: Go home and take our puppy Bbomi on a walk ♡

Olivia Hye: Go camping and barbecue~!

Q. What’s your biggest interest lately?

Heejin: Lately internet shopping and doing nails!!

Hyunjin: As we’re doing activities, I’m tired, so methods to sleep well are my biggest interest.

Haseul: Comeback preparations.

Yeojin: Activity preparations!!!!

Vivi: Our Orbit!

Kim Lip: Comeback!!

Jinsoul: As the comeback is coming, “diet” is the biggest thought on my mind. Other than that, shopping..?

Choerry: Diet.. T^T

Yves: How to sleep for a long time without waking up intermittently, interior design, shopping for summer clothes.

Chuu: Shoes, bedding, phone, travel, driver’s license

Go Won: Making summer playlists

Olivia Hye: As we're coming back, stamina?

Q. What’s your favorite food?

Heejin: Malatang And Beer…^_^♡

Hyunjin: Tteokbokki, chicken, Bbring-cheese balls♡

Haseul: I like all fruits!! I like! Namul! Kimchi!

Yeojin: Gimbap

Vivi: Raw chocolate

Kim Lip: Pizza♡ I like sashimi more than meat..!

Jinsoul: I like all Korean food but,, mm,, what comes to mind at the moment is pork skirt♡

Choerry: ♡Rose mala xiang guo♡

Yves: Tteokbokki, shabu shabu, Vietnamese spring rolls

Chuu: Pho + add spicy sauce + add bean sprouts & shrimp fried rice

Go Won: Tteokbokki♡ Shabu shabu♡

Olivia Hye: I pick malatang & guo bao rou combo!!!!

Q. Anything you definitely want to do in the United States?

Heejin: I want to go to Five Guys.

Hyunjin: Eat pizza, hamburgers!

Haseul: Meeting family♡

Yeojin: Shopping!

Vivi: Meeting Orbits~ and seeing the USA!

Kim Lip: Taking lots of photos, making unforgettable memories, shopping♡

Jinsoul: Eating an In & Out burger again, properly.

Choerry: Going to a US supermarket..♡ Going to well-known foodie spots.

Yves: Eating an In & Out burger, taking photos at tourist destinations, vlog!

Chuu: Picnicking! Walking around!

Go Won: Meeting Orbits! And going back to Santa Monica where we went years ago with the members!

Olivia Hye: Seeing the sights on the streets

Q. When should we listen to Flip That? ex) a lazy afternoon walk, when exercising…

Heejin: While cooking jeon* on holiday (flip that, flip that~) *T/N: Korean pancakes

Hyunjin: Lunchtime♡

Haseul: When you’re walking by the Han River at night..? Like I'm the sentimental protagonist in the song..☆

Yeojin: Whenever! Always! Listen right now Orbit!

Vivi: I recommend it when you go on a drive!

Kim Lip: Bright morning..! Should I say that the intro is like birds chirping? ㅇㅅㅇ Isn’t it?

Jinsoul: When you cook jeon!

Choerry: When you go traveling! When you make jeon ㅎㅎ

Yves: Always!!

Chuu: As an alarm for waking up!

Go Won: When the sunlight shines through the window in the daytime♡

Olivia Hye: Recommended as a song to listen to while heading to work.

Q. Any other member’s part in this album that you want?

Heejin: Haseul unnie’s bridge in Flip That.

Hyunjin: I’m satisfied with my parts ㅎㅎ

Haseul: POSE! Olivia Hye’s “main character in the the last scene~”

Yeojin: Haseul unnie’s bridge part in Flip That!

Vivi, Kim Lip: Flip That, “Go slow with the bass~!”

Jinsoul: Flip That bridge, Lip’s part! “We’ll come to know, if we truly want” - more so than wanting it myself, I like it because I think Lip did well in this part!

Choerry: Flip That, Haseul unnie’s part “The light I found in endless linked memories☆”

Yves: Heejin’s intro, first line! “All of it, flip that”.

Chuu: Hyunjinie’s “flip it flip it” hand gesture choreo is fun

Go Won: POSE rap card! The members all recorded so coolly, so I wanted it a little~ bit ㅎㅎ

Olivia Hye: I like my parts

Q. With this comeback, any message that you’d like to send to fans?

Heejin: Orbits~ we’ve come back with a summer special mini album! Let’s enjoy this moment together since we’ve totally flipped the concept around this time!

Hyunjin: Orbit~ this time we’ve really transformed to be like princesses so I hope Orbits like it, and I hope you’ll look upon us kindly♡ Though it may feel a little awkward ㅎㅎ

Haseul: Orbit! This time we’ve come back with yet another kind of charm, so please love this album lots too~ (spread the word a lot..ㅋㅋㅋ♡) I love you Orbit :) ♡

Yeojin: Orbits, listen to Flip That in the summer right now! Got it? I love you♡

Vivi: Let’s flip summer over together and enjoy.

Kim Lip: LOONA can do anything♡

Jinsoul: For us this comeback is yet another attempt at a new look, so I hope you all like it, and let’s flip over summer 2022 with our “Flip That”-☆

Choerry: We’ve worked hard to prepare this to be pretty and cool, so let’s enjoy the cool summer while listening to “Flip That”!

Yves: During tiring and uneventful routines, I’d be glad if you listened to LOONA’s songs and felt like you were on vacation even just for about 3 minutes ♡

Chuu: Refreshing at last!!! Orbit!!!!!!

Go Won: This summer! LOONA will blow away the heat! Refreshing dreamlike summer queen, that’s us!!!♡

Olivia Hye: Lots of things are changing this year, let’s flip it all over!


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