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CTD ENM Welcome Message for Hyunjin and Vivi (230612)

Hello. This is CTD ENM.

Our company has recently signed Hyunjin and Vivi, formerly of the group LOONA, to an exclusive contract.

CTD ENM is a company newly established by CEO Yun Do-yeon, who held roles in SM Entertainment, and also managed LOONA while serving as the Director of Planning and Coordination at Blockberry Creative. We have decided to pursue this contract based on longtime relationships with, and our faith in, Hyunjin and Vivi.

CTD ENM expresses gratitude to Hyunjin and Vivi who stand at a new start line. Additionally, we promise that we will spare no efforts to help the two artists blossom their talents even more beautifully.

We ask that you please show affectionate attention to the future of Hyunjin and Vivi, and also look forward to CTD ENM.

The company name CTD ENM was inspired by Steve Jobs’ 2005 speech, ‘Connecting The Dots’. It argues that just as unrelated experiences (Dots) become Lines (future and value) and form shapes, there is no such thing as a meaningless experience in life.

Based on this idea, CTD ENM aims to produce new trend-setting ideas and high-quality content, and grow into an innovative global entertainment firm.

In addition to the exclusive contracts with Hyunjin and Vivi, CTD ENM is also launching the SuperEight project for the formation of a new boy group, and putting forth best efforts for that group’s debut later this year. Thank you.



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