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CTD ENM Welcome Message for Yeojin, Go Won and Hyeju (230705)

Hello, this is CTD ENM. The company has recently signed exclusive contracts with Yeojin, Go Won and Hyeju (formerly Olivia Hye), previously of LOONA.

We would like to express gratitude to the three members who have decided to join CTD ENM.

CTD ENM promises to the fans that we will do our best such that the charms and talents of Yeojin, Go Won, Hyeju may bloom further. In addition we will support them in all manners such that they can meet fans in a variety of ways.

We hope for your love and attention toward Yeojin, Go Won, and Hyeju, and of course Hyunjin and Vivi as well who joined CTD ENM before.

Thank you.



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Jul 05, 2023

CTD ENM forms Summer Unit, Cute Unit!

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