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Early Loona Album Descriptions (Heejin through Vivi)

These are translations of album descriptions (promotional text) released by Blockberry Creative for Loona's earliest releases (up to Vivi's solo single), from when Blockberry did not post translated versions on YouTube. These descriptions are available on all Korean streaming sites.


A single by Heejin, the first member of Girls of the Month. Loona, who have drawn attention in media as a massive-scale girl group even before debut, has been unveiled with the reveal of its first member Heejin.

Loona will reveal a new member every month starting in October 2016, over a time period of over a year. Each month, the girl of the month will release a single and music video that can show off her skills and character.

For the first member Heejin, the production team MonoTree completed the track and director Jo Boem-jin and VM Project produced the music video of "ViViD" original version.

"ViViD" is a colorful-feeling lo-fi track, which shows off Heejin's character with clarity. It tells a story of meeting a person to love in a repetitive and colorless routine, and only then finding a vivid color within oneself.

On the other hand, the acoustic mix of "ViViD" changes the original into a groovy guitar-based track, with Heejin's delicate sense of rhythm being a pleasure. The acoustic version's music video was filmed in Paris by VAM Production.

Heejin's first fansign is planned for the first week of release, on October 8, 2016 in Seoul. She will meet fans through a total of four fansigns over the month of October.


The world of rookie girlgroup Girls of the Month expands with Hyunjin.

A single by Hyunjin, the second member of rookie girlgroup Girls of the Month. A month ago, the rookie girlgroup that took its first step with the reveal of first member Heejin and colorful pop piece "ViViD" now reveals its second member, Hyunjin.

Hyunjin's single contains "Around You", a teenage ballad track by production team MonoTree, and "I'll Be There", a charming candy-funk track by Artronic Waves which also produced Exo's "Tender Love", as dual title tracks.

As evidenced by having produced 24 singles befitting the 12 members even before debut in order to ensure musical quality, Loona are slowly drawing up a musical "big picture".

"Around You" is a teenage ballad track that has not been heard in some time, which paints the emotions of a beautiful crush that an adolescent girl might have upon a piano melody. The video accompanying "Around You", entirely filmed in Tokyo, include an 8-minute film version which is reminiscent of a Japanese romance film as well as a music video version.

Dual-title track "I'll Be There" is the first song that brings Hyunjin and Heejin together, a candy-funk track notable for the fresh charm that pops off from the very first line. This track was also filmed entirely in Harajuku, Tokyo, and presents music and video that suggests an overall direction for Loona, a girlgroup that can already give off a fully packed vibe with just two members.

Loona is receiving attention as a large-scale project that debuts a new girl and a single every month over 1 year and 6 months. Even beyond the volume of having 12 members, songs and music videos that introduce each member's character will be revealed, and other devices to experience background lore that expands with each new member will be prepared.

The first member Heejin has already successfully completed four fansigns with just her debut single, and Hyunjin will also be meeting fans through two individual fansigns and two additional fansigns with both Hyunjin and Heejin as a unit. Fans whose attendance at individual fansigns can be verified will additionally be invited to the first full-group showcase of Loona.

Revealing twelve members will take a long time of over a year, but Loona are redeeming that wait into each month's joy.


The world of Loona, compiling singles with each new member, expands with Haseul. A single by Haseul, the third member of rookie girlgroup Girls of the Month.

Following Heejin's colorful-vibe pop in "ViViD" and Hyunjin's longing of first love in "Around You", rookie girlgroup Loona has revealed the third member, Haseul.

Haseul was revealed in a short-blond tomboy concept as well as a long-haired girl concept across [teasers at] day and night, immediately capturing the attention of fans who await Loona. Haseul, who has a charm that both boyish and girlish traits coexist in her, has maximized that in music and visuals through her first single, "Let Me In". [Just a note that this makes more sense given the Korean title which is "Boy, Girl".]

Haseul's "Let Me In", by the production team OREO led by Iggy who completed GFriend's school-themed trilogy, is a blockbuster track that starts as a calm winter ballad before strings roar over like a blizzard.

Digipedi and Blockberry Creative filmed in faraway Iceland for the music video, and fulfilled the music's scale through the scenery of Iceland.

"The Carol", which stars Haseul alongside Heejin and Hyunjin, is Loona's first seasonal song. Loona's own Christmas theme, as clear as its title, was produced with MonoTree, and its music video was filmed in London and expresses a giddy feeling like that of an excited girl on Christmas.

Loona is a new-concept girlgroup that grows together with fans who recognized the girls early on with each new member, updating new content every day on social media and YouTube and meeting with fans through individual fansigns.

The girls' journey to complete the girlgroup Loona has now just raised its sail.


"We meet a new girl every month"

Loona, which has been constructing a unique world through Heejin's "ViViD", Hyunjin's "Around You" and Haseul's "Let Me In", has revealed its girl of January, Yeojin. Yeojin is at a young age of 8th grade ["second year of middle school"], and gives off a youthful charm [literally "baby charm"] unlike the previously revealed members.

Title track "Kiss Later" is an upbeat and lively candy-pop song, containing Yeojin's own uniqueness. The lyrics express an appropriate and healthy attitude telling a boyfriend that "we're still young, so let's study hard and get into college before kissing".

The music video of "Kiss Later" was produced under the direction of Digipedi, the nation's top music video producer, and contains fancy cinematography befitting Yeojin with the fairytale "The Frog Prince" as motif.

In other title tracks enriching Loona's world, "My Sunday" was performed by Heejin and Hyunjin, while "My Melody" was performed by Haseul and Yeojin.

"My Sunday" and "My Melody" are twinned tracks which is being attempted for the first time globally. They are comprised of the same arrangement, but progress in two different melodies in the chorus. Fans will discover two charms that seem similar but different. The music videos for "My Sunday" and "My Melody" were filmed entirely in Taiwan, framing Loona's refreshing charms.

After expanding its world with new content every month, Loona will reveal surprising content that fans will not expect next month, launching its world further one more time.


1 year and 8 months until full group, 9.9 billion won in total production budget, overseas location filming for all members in Paris, Tokyo, London, Iceland, and Taiwan, off-line promotions covering the streets of Seoul, over-the-air TV advertisements... after drawing attention with each step of the nation's largest-scale idol project, Loona has revealed its 1/3 unit.

The question of "how can we wait 1 year and 8 months" lingered in fans' minds while waiting for the full group of 12, but Loona is revealed to the public in a new worldview called 1/3 before its final form.

Befitting the precisely defined goal of "our goal is not #1 on the charts, but rather to expand the world of Loona onwards", the sharing of lore between fans and Loona expanded, and Loona 1/3 has shown progression on a different level than other girlgroups, being selected as models for Innisfree without even a single broadcast appearance.

Loona 1/3 is not just a unit, but tasked as pioneers who will show off the world of Loona to the general public for the first time. In March 2017, it completed its album Love & Live.

Intro track "Into the New Heart" is a heavy-metal track which may be remembered as the most unique intro in girlgroup history. In particular, Kim Jungmo of Trax, who was among the first generation of Korean visual-kei bands, helped kick off the album vigorously with satisfying guitar drives.

Title track "Love & Live" defines the color of Loona 1/3 and suggests a new standard for Korean girl groups. The track gains in rhythm as in spring that awakens, and presents a pleasant fluttering to the listener. "Love & Live", illustrating a girl who runs in order to meet you, was filmed in New Zealand and Hong Kong. Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, and Vivi play the part of a track team and show off individual charms in video, choreography, and music.

Each member approaches fans with unique charms, Heejin as a girl well-rounded in talent, ability, effort and looks, Hyunjin as a girl who's clumsy unlike her delicate features, Haseul as a girl with wisdom and thoughtfulness as the leader of 1/3, and Vivi as a girl adapting to the world of Loona after arriving from an unfamiliar world.

Top staff talent in K-pop came together, including music video production by Digipedi, music production by MonoTree, choreography by director Kim Hwa-young and director Kim Hyun-gyu, photography by artist Koh Ji-young, and creative directing by Jaden Jeong.

Sub-title track "You and Me Together" is a candy-funk track produced by Artronic Waves for the second time since Heejin and Hyunjin's "I'll Be There". It brings good feelings to the listener with a refreshing sound like bursting fruit juices, a signature sound of Loona. And "Fairy Tale" gently flows to the ear with a melody that's like a bedtime fairytale from childhood.

Final track "Valentine Girl" was previously teased to fans in February. It is a happy-tempo track telling the story of gifting chocolate to a boy on Valentine's Day, then hoping to hear confessions of love from that boy on March's White Day.

Loona, rewriting a new history of K-pop girl groups, begins activities in earnest through 1/3. An overflowing repertoire that includes the solo works of Heejin, Hyunjin, Haseul, and Yeojin and tracks that present a new standard of girl groups all come together and make Loona's world ever more durable.


Starting with Heejin, then Hyunjin, Haseul, Yeojin, and Loona 1/3's unit activities.

Loona continues to iterate on the expansion of a world through the appearance of new girls each month, as well as addition, combination, and separation among members within that. In April, Loona has revealed the solo single of Vivi.

Vivi was revealed as a member of Loona 1/3, and drew attention with looks refreshing like an apple and by playing an android robot. Expectations for her solo album were also raised as she was first revealed through the unit.

Revealed at last, Vivi's solo title track, "Everyday I Love You", reinterprets the 90s style in a modern way and maximizes Vivi's unique charm. Vivi's style is refreshing without embellishments, like the originality of the 1990s which was the era of classical sweethearts like Kang Suji and Ha Soo-bin, and this can be seen in music and video.

Produced by Digipedi, Loona's music video director, "Everyday I Love You" draws attention with its recreation of the 90s aesthetic.

In addition to nostalgic items like rollerskates, Walkmans, Unplugged Boy, and Coolpix cameras being brought out, Heejin, Hyun, Haseul, and Yeojin all came out as cameos to lend help on Vivi's solo. Additionally, the male lead of the music video (who dances hip-hop when he's sad) [this is a reference to the aforementioned Unplugged Boy, a 1990s Korean romance manga], is notable as the first male trainee being revealed by Blockberry Creative.

The medium-mix version of the title track, "Everyday I Need You", features a yet-unrevealed Loona member named Jinsoul in a groovy rap performance and her first appearance to fans.

The Loona team, which has done location filming globally in Japan, Iceland, UK, Taiwan, New Zealand, and Hong Kong after starting with Heejin's France shoot, completed filming in Busan this time with Vivi. In consideration of Vivi who is a foreigner, the beauty of Busan as a leading Korean city was framed in photographs.

"We meet a new girl every month"



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