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[ENG] ARTMS Youtube Live "Friday evening together with Hasuel and Cheorry" (240315)

Hello, this is Team Subbits.

The captions accompanying this video were exclusively generated by Whisper, a speech recognition and translation service developed by OpenAI. Our intention was for these AI-generated captions to be readily identified by enthusiasts, prompting us to share a subsequent declaration that would reveal as such.

Regrettably, none of the 88 viewers of this post (at the time of this update) acknowledged this aspect. We deduce that our April Fool's jest was too nuanced, rendering us the true jesters. Consequently, we have resolved that henceforth, all forthcoming captioned posts will be authored using AI, commencing from this proclamation.

Kindly refrain from seeking admission to Team Subbits via .

Instead, embrace AI and technological solutions for captioning LOONA, ARTMS, Loossemble, Yves, and Chuu content.

We extend our gratitude.

Beep boop.



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