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[Orbit Japan] LOONA 2022 New Year Handwritten Messages (220101)


Happy New Year ORBiT ♡

As we've gotten a year older, let’s become great adults!


Orbit~ Happy New Year!

I’m really looking forward to and excited (about this year).

What will be waiting for us?

I love you Orbit ♡


Orbit! It’s already 2022!

As we’ve gotten a year older, let’s become stronger, and meet wwww*

Let’s be healthy and have a happy year this year as well. I love you ♡.♡


Orbit, you did really well last year.

Thank you for always being by my side and being my mental support.

Thank you for your warm thoughts (feelings).

I will definitely return those feelings to you.

You did really well.

A new year is starting, but I’m excited and looking forward to it.

Orbit, let’s continue to get along 🐻🐻

Happy New Year~ ♡♡


Orbit~ Please be healthy and play with LOONA in 2022 as well lol

Let’s meet up soon!

Happy New Year ♡

Kim Lip:

Thank you so much to Orbits who have been with me in 2022** too.

Let’s make even better memories this year.

Happy New Year Orbit ♡


Orbit! It’s a new year!

Let’s spend even more time together in 2022!

I hope the day we can meet in person comes quickly! ♡u♡


Orbit!! It’s the new year ♡

I wish that this year, there will be many days to meet Orbit in person ㅠ^ㅠ

I love you Orbit. Happy New Year~~


Annyeong Orbit! 2021, filled with various difficulties, has now passed, and it’s become 2022!

I wish that everyone’s wishes will all be fulfilled this year!

And above all else, staying healthy! I sincerely wish that you can be with us ♡

Let’s make 2022 a happy year as well!


Orbit ♡ It’s Chuu! Were you able to bring ‘21 to a good end?

We’ve started a new year together again, haven’t we?

I’m looking forward to what kinds of events I can have with Orbits, and I want a lot of good things to happen.

Let’s meet in person this year. I love you ♡

Go Won:

Orbit Happy New Year!

I hope that you can stay healthy and be happy.

Let’s spend 2022 together as well~ ♡

Olivia Hye:

I hope that in 2022, LOONA as well as Orbits have lots of days of laughter.

It’s a new year, so let’s work hard with a fresh mindset.

Happy New Year.

* Equivalent to ㅋㅋ in Korean. Used to denote laughter/laughing sound.

** Kim Lip wrote 2022 but may have meant 2021



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