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[Fancafe] 1/3 (190313)

Hello this is LOONA 1/3!


Hello Orbit! It's Heejin :-)

Today.. it's 2 year anniversary of LOONA 1/3!! 😭

I can't believe~~~

Time has gone by so quickly. To be honest, it's been 2 years since LOONA 1/3 last promoted, so my memories are fading, but the memories I made with Orbit I have kept in a deep place within my heart 😊

As I read Orbits' letters recently, I can really feel that the letters are filled tightly with words that you guys didn't get to say, or could not say out loud.

Made me ponder if I really am such a great person. It made me think that Orbits are one that are as concerned about me as much as my family.

That's why I always feel so supported! I always worry because I don't know how to express this thankful heart 😢

This letter was supposed to be about LOONA 1/3's 2 year anniversary but it got sidetracked with emotions that I feel lately hehe Right now we are promoting as the full twelve, but LOONA 1/3 will still exist within LOONA forever, unchanging :)

Regardless of which place I am standing in, I promise to Orbits that I will become Heejin who will not change!

LOONA 1/3 is not over!

Our Orbits, I always thank you and love you️ ❤️


Hello!! Orbiiiiiiiiit ❤️😍

It's LOONA 1/3's maknae 'Aeong-ee' 🐱

They say today is LOONA 1/3's 2 year anniversary is it true..?

I can't believe it.. ㅜㅜ Time has passed by so fast!!

One day we may comeback as LOONA 1/3 again~ and do fansigns~ and spend enjoyable times with Orbits!!

Don't forget LOONA 1/3!! Okay??

Aeong-ee is anticipating promoting again as LOONA 1/3!!

When I recall LOONA 1/3, the memories arise and make me nostalgic ㅜㅜ Orbits must feel the same right?? ㅠㅠ Aeong ㅜㅜ We will practice hard and come back as LOONA 1/3 in an amazing way!! Get ready to be heartstruck!! Wait for it!! Until then be healthy, fighting~~!! 😀

I love you Orbits 😍😆 PPYONG~!! ❤️


Hello, it's LOONA 1/3's Haseul.

It's already LOONA 1/3's 2 year anniversary ㅎㅎㅎ

I can't believe it!! Orbits can you believe it??!

I have a lot of memories with LOONA 1/3 I travelled to Japan and London with Heejin and Hyunjin, and Busan with Vivi unnie!

And with all of LOONA 1/3 we went to New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Czech!

And also promoting with Love&Live and Sonatine!! There are a lot of memories ㅎㅎ

When LOONA 1/3 was revealed to the world, I was very nervous and anticipated much.. Looking back now there are many awkward moments perhaps due to being nervous I still can't forget us going to broadcasting station with our eager faces after practicing until dawn ㅎㅎ

From the moment LOONA 1/3 was revealed to the world, until everything up until right now, we absolutely could not have been where we are at today if it were not for Orbits!

You know what I mean, right?!

I always thank you and love you and cherish you ❤️

Let us continue to run farther Orbit!! And our Heejin, Hyunjin, and Vivi unnie

One by one I have so much to say to you....!

Thank you always for following me even though I am always lacking, I will always be proud of LOONA 1/3 and love them wherever I go! Even though I am not always able to express it, I'm sure you will know my heart 😊

I love you more than I can ever express, LOONA 1/3 forever ❤️


Hello It's Vivi

It's been 2 years since debut Waaaang

In the past two years I think there was a lot of experiences

It's mysterious, new, and fun

I learned parts about me that I didn't know about, and felt lot of passion

Because I am able to do what I love

And it's more precious because it is not easy

The sky has been becoming brighter and more beautiful by day since I am with lovely Orbits And now with LOONA's 12 members I got to promote a lot and have made a large family with the Orbits

So more good things have happened and it's fun I am truly happy every time I see Orbits, and I want to become closer

Thank you to all of you for being by my side always Because of everyone around me I am able to make my life in Korea happier and comfortable

I will continue to work hard and show more of myself



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