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[Fancafe] 2jin & YeoSeul (170127)

Hello !! This is LOONA♥   Everyone~~ The happy Lunar New Year is here!

Are you spending the enjoyable lunar new year holiday with all your family members and the people you love??😉😍

We’re also eating delicious food with the people we love and  we ate the rice-cake soup you can’t go without on Lunar New Years!!

Did all of you guys have a lot of rice-cake soup too?

Ah! Also, did you all get a lot of Saebae money as well?hehe

We’ll make our goals and wishes we want to be granted for 2017 real, like the Lunar New Year holiday that started off this year, and we hope it’ll be a meaningful year that’ll grant those wishes! We, LOONA, will sincerely pray for 2017 to be a happy year where all our fans will be healthy~! You’ll be with LOONA for 2017 too right?! Please be careful of getting sick from the cold weather and always be healthy heh♥

Everyone!! Have a very happy new year~♥

Original translation by @loonagirls



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